Translation of sleeping pill in Spanish:

sleeping pill

somnífero, n.


  • 1

    somnífero masculine
    pastilla para dormir feminine
    • This reader's mother may need a sleeping pill because the antidepressant she is taking can cause insomnia.
    • Simon, a middle-aged salesman, came to see me requesting a prescription for a sleeping pill.
    • She was not only on Oxycontin, but on a sleeping pill and a sedative for anxiety.
    • A few minutes later, a nurse came in, carrying with her some sleeping pills and some painkillers and water.
    • Another psychiatrist also gave her sedatives and sleeping pills.
    • She still suffered from shortness of breath and was currently taking sleeping pills and anti depressants, she told the court.
    • Some nightshade plants are ingredients in potent narcotic medicine and sleeping pills.
    • Up to 50 percent of all women over 60 in Canada may be prescribed tranquilizers or sleeping pills.
    • Instead, they are prescribing medications like Valium, tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
    • The sleeping pill flurazepam produces sedation that lasts too long increasing the risk of falls.
    • It is not recommended to use over-the-counter sleeping pills for insomnia.
    • Try not to take sleeping pills for longer than a night or two.
    • Escaping them for a few hours courtesy of a sleeping pill is wonderful.
    • Your body makes tranquilizers and sleeping pills and immunomodulators and antibodies.
    • The trouble is that some of the sleeping pills that people use to combat insomnia may also leave them groggy and slow the next day.
    • I'd give her one sleeping pill and one pain pill.
    • She was attended by her doctor, who gave her valium and sleeping pills to deal with her distress.
    • In the case of a sleeping pill or some other medicine you use only occasionally, this can serve as a reminder to ask your physician for a new prescription at your next visit.
    • Laughter has benefited many people who were on heavy tranquilizers and sleeping pills.
    • He'd drugged her with sleeping pills and when she had awakened she'd found herself locked in the cellar.