Translation of slender in Spanish:


delgado, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈslɛndər//ˈslɛndə/

adjectiveslenderest, slenderer

  • 1

    (figure/person) delgado
    (figure/person) esbelto
    (waist/neck) fino
    (waist/neck) delgado
    (stalk/pillar) fino
    • He reaches over and picks up the slender rod he plans to use to simulate a rapier.
    • I leaned my slender body to the side, resting the luggage on the pale tile floor.
    • A short and crooked trunk supports its broad range of slender branches and thick twigs.
    • Approaching the bird, anger turned to curiosity at seeming small green leaves sprouting from a slender twig.
    • They have slender and graceful bodies supported by very thin and long legs.
    • Their bodies are slender and dappled with brown or black spots on a gray background.
    • Her slender body glided gracefully, never once bending the weakened branches.
    • Sibling growth units in equivalent positions tended to have a more slender stem for N. dombeyi than for N. pumilio.
    • Francisca came up with a simple mini dress that showed off her slender body.
    • Her figure was so slender and graceful in the navy blue dress she wore.
    • My previously lost fighting instincts return as I line up my sights on his slender fighter's body.
    • The male blossom sits on a slender stalk, and the center stamen within the bloom contains the pollen.
    • The slender girders, electrical cables and insulators look as if they had just come out of a package.
    • This feline image was enhanced by her painted nails and thin slender body.
    • When the soldiers' lights fall on their slender bodies, they seem almost ethereal.
    • A hand with a tight grip on his slender shoulder stopped him short, however.
    • They're very thin and delicate, with elegant slender stems and a simple, clean design.
    • Falling to the ground in a graceful crouch was a slender figure, defiantly feminine.
    • Its slender body allows it to weave in and out of crevices or hide in tight spots if threatened.
    • Her slender body seemed thinner then before and she had wrinkles on her skin.
    • The stage is bare except for three slender tree trunks, a few clay pots and a basket.
    • Light spilled in from the hall, framing his slender body and giving him a well-deserved halo of gold.
    • Her green satin dress made her look like a slender flower stem, crowned with petals of fiery hair.
    • Covered in thin scales, their bodies were slender and flexible, with stabilising fins.
    • Forced rhubarb, with its slender, willowy stems, has been available since December.
    • Matthew saw a youth then, standing against the slender trunk of a light brown tree.
    • Her forceful voice coupled with the wriggling of her waist on a slender body, was a great sight to watch.
    • Their long and slender stems glowed white in the blue shadows cast by the petal canopy above.
    • The first rib may be shorter than usual, slender and connected with the second costal cartilage.
    • The morning drill took place before a red flag pitched on a slender tree trunk in the middle of a clearing.
    • What gives it panache is the way the flower teeters on its ridiculously long, slender stem.
    • Every second that passed he felt a greater and more unbearable desire to possess this small, slender body.
    • His silvery hair was unkempt, blood and bruises marred his slender body and he was skinnier than when he had come in.
    • About 20 percent of the cells move to the top of the blob and produce a slender stalk.
    • The cat has a slender body with red-brown or gray fur, and black and white markings around its face.
    • It was clear she too was wearing a corset; she was slender for her age, but not that thin.
    • Her lips were reducing to a slender line and she tried constantly to show some form of a crooked smile.
    • Can such a slender body bear the weight of so much expectation?
    • When he came out of it, he held a short, slender wand of a light silvery color.
    • Have a look at the thickness of the stakes in the picture compared to the slender stems of the roses.
  • 2

    (means/resources) escaso
    (means/resources) exiguo
    (majority) estrecho
    (hope) remoto
    by a slender margin por un estrecho margen
    • she has only the slenderest chance of winning sus posibilidades de ganar son mínimas
    • The only obvious weakness of these essays is that some of the conclusions rest on fairly slender numbers of cases or anecdotes.
    • The scientific evidence that it improves memory is fairly slender, but that doesn't seem to deter many.
    • On this platform he won the 1996 election, albeit with a slender majority.
    • Labour has a slender two-seat majority on the council and is defending eleven of the 20 seats up for grabs.
    • Despite slender evidence when tried at the Queen's Bench, he was indicted, convicted, and hanged.
    • We found that the evidence on which to base clinical decisions was slender.
    • The US House of Congress, which holds a slender Republican majority, will decide which slate of electors to accept.
    • England failed to limit Sri Lanka to a slender target after they resumed the fourth day just eight behind on 98 for six.
    • It took his season tally to 161 wins, a slender four ahead of his rival for the champion jockey title.
    • This is, admittedly, slender evidence on which to base general conclusions.
    • In fact, the evidence for them ever existing is very slender compared to that for Jesus.
    • But this slender plot acts as a mere clothesline for a series of slapstick asides and cinematic in-jokes.
    • By a slender majority of four to three, the High Court bought the argument.
    • Whether the incident happened at all, or as relayed in the anecdote, it is a slender confection to link this to the party's victory.
    • This may seem a somewhat slender basis for distinguishing this type of reference from a mere promise to negotiate.
    • A compelling theory was based therefore on slender threads of evidence.
    • The party also took Dundee East with a slender 383 majority, but failed to secure Ochil and South Perthshire.