Translation of slide in Spanish:


deslizarse, v.

Pronunciation /slʌɪd//slɪd//slaɪd/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (deliberately) deslizarse
    (accidentally) deslizarse
    (accidentally) resbalar(se)
    she slid down the rope se deslizó por la cuerda
    • the plate slid (off) onto the floor el plato (se) resbaló y cayó al suelo
    • stock prices continued to slide las cotizaciones siguieron bajando
    • to let things slide dejar que las cosas se vengan abajo
    • I've let things slide in the garden tengo el jardín bastante abandonado
    • Mark followed, sliding along the wall opposite from Jason.
    • The lady returned to her side, her dress rustling softly as it slid along the smooth surface.
    • Momentum from the whirling caused her body to continue sliding on a smooth, level surface.
    • His stomach sank into his feet and he slid down the smooth wall until seated on the grass.
    • A folder was thrown onto the table; it slid along the smooth surface to land in front of her.
    • I slid along the wall until I was sitting on the floor next to the bathroom door.
    • Unsteady on his feet, Matt fell on his back, sliding along the shattered glass once more before coming to a halt.
    • Images of powerful creatures slide along the smooth walls.
    • She backed into a wall and slid slowly along it her hands feeling her way as her eyes faced those of the crowd.
    • I burst through the wall sliding along the carpeted floor hitting everything in my path.
    • He slid along the smooth floor, barely managing to scramble back and grab his gun before the walls smashed together.
    • She slid along the wall and got into line with the rest of her classmates.
    • Some quaint and furtive figures slid silently along the walls with a fearful air.
    • Normally, the pleurae are silky smooth, allowing your lungs to slide easily along your chest wall when you breathe in and out.
    • Upon impact, her body slid along the wall and collapsed onto the ground.
    • I pulled my summer diary from the enclosure and my hands trembled as they slid along the rawhide cover.
    • She slid to the floor, her sweaty hand squeaking as it slid along the wall.
    • Finally I reach the wall and push myself off but now I am bouncing from wall to wall sliding along the carpet.
    • There is a metallic hum as the glass barrier moves, sliding into the floor, and the metal bars in the portal retract up.
    • She came to a corner and she slid along the wall, her gun ready.
  • 2

    • 2.1(move smoothly, glide)

      the curtain slides smoothly along the rail la cortina corre / se desliza con suavidad por el riel
      • the door slides open/shut la puerta se abre/se cierra corriéndola
      • she slid quietly out of the room salió sigilosamente de la habitación
      • the days slid by / past without our noticing los días transcurrieron sin que nos diéramos cuenta
      • If I slide a brick along the table again and again, the friction is the same each time.
      • We slide our hands along our scarves before wrapping them around our bodies.
      • Her heart pounding fiercely out of her chest, she leaned out the window a little further, preparing to slide her right foot along the ledge.
      • The air is moist and moss-scented, and you slide your fingers along the slick castle stones as you're pulled by faint strains of music that sound vaguely familiar.
      • Lay the pencil flat on one surface with the point resting on the other, and slide the pencil along to make the scribe.
      • I pulled his shirt off as well and slid my hands along his broad, muscular back.
      • Grabbing the knife from the table, I slid it along the table to her hand.
      • You merely slide the clip back along the track to release the tile.
      • The man raised an eyebrow, sliding his hand along her back.
      • It is done by grasping a small portion of hair and gently applying traction while sliding the fingers along the hair shafts.
      • The problem is that later on in the game, when you have amassed a collection of inventory items, to get to a specific item, you have to use an arrow to slide the inventory along.
      • I watch as he slides one hand vertically along the desk - slowly, caressingly.
      • He felt no resistance from Annie, so he risked sliding a hand along her thigh.
      • Returning to the familiar kitchen he slides a knife along his letters, slitting out their folded information.
      • ‘My God, Marlon,’ purrs Sadie King as she slides her hand seductively along the vicar's leg while reaching for her pint of mild.
      • Then he grabbed the keys to his car, extending the ignition key, and grabbed her wrist, sliding it along forcefully.
      • Drake took a small folder from under his jacket and slid it along the desk to Paddy.
      • Multiple readings of the fingerprint are taken while it is slid across the surface of the scanner.
      • Interactive displays in which people slide their foot along the floor to trigger on-screen stories and use a tracker ball to zoom in on parts of the city will stay.
      • He slid his fingers along the contour of his slender sword and slowly tightened them around the handle.

    • 2.2sliding pres p

      sliding door puerta corrediza / (de) corredera feminine

transitive verb

  • 1

    she slid the book across the table toward him le pasó el libro deslizándolo por la mesa
    • he slid his hand along the wall pasó la mano por la pared
    • to slide the bolt back correr el cerrojo
    • he slid the letter back into his pocket se volvió a meter la carta en el bolsillo
    • she slid a coin into his hand le pasó disimuladamente una moneda


  • 1

    (in playground, pool)
    tobogán masculine
    resbaladilla feminine Mexico
    rodadero masculine Colombia
    resbalín masculine Chile
  • 2

    (on ice, slope)
    rampa feminine
  • 3

    (accidental) resbalón masculine
    (accidental) resbalada feminine Latin America
    (deliberate) deslizamiento masculine
  • 4

    (in prices) bajón masculine
    (in prices) caída feminine
    (in standards) decadencia feminine
    the slide in stock prices la caída / la baja de las cotizaciones
  • 5

    diapositiva feminine
    transparencia feminine
    filmina feminine
    to show slides pasar / proyectar diapositivas (/ transparencias etc. )
    • before noun slide magazine (rectangular) bandeja
    • a slide show una proyección de diapositivas
  • 6

    (for microscope)
    (glass plate) portaobjetos masculine
    (specimen) muestra feminine
  • 7British

    (for hair)
  • 8

    (sequence of notes)
    apoyatura doble feminine
  • 9

    (on instrument)
    vara corredera feminine
  • 10also slide control

    Electricity Audio
    control masculine