Translation of slide in Spanish:


deslizarse, v.

Pronunciation /slaɪd//slʌɪd/

intransitive verbslid

  • 1

    (deliberately) deslizarse
    (accidentally) deslizarse
    (accidentally) resbalar(se)
    she slid down the rope se deslizó por la cuerda
    • the plate slid (off) onto the floor el plato (se) resbaló y cayó al suelo
    • stock prices continued to slide las cotizaciones siguieron bajando
    • She came to a corner and she slid along the wall, her gun ready.
    • His stomach sank into his feet and he slid down the smooth wall until seated on the grass.
    • He slid along the smooth floor, barely managing to scramble back and grab his gun before the walls smashed together.
    • The lady returned to her side, her dress rustling softly as it slid along the smooth surface.
    • There is a metallic hum as the glass barrier moves, sliding into the floor, and the metal bars in the portal retract up.
    • Some quaint and furtive figures slid silently along the walls with a fearful air.
    • Normally, the pleurae are silky smooth, allowing your lungs to slide easily along your chest wall when you breathe in and out.
    • She slid to the floor, her sweaty hand squeaking as it slid along the wall.
    • She backed into a wall and slid slowly along it her hands feeling her way as her eyes faced those of the crowd.
    • She slid along the wall and got into line with the rest of her classmates.
    • I burst through the wall sliding along the carpeted floor hitting everything in my path.
    • Unsteady on his feet, Matt fell on his back, sliding along the shattered glass once more before coming to a halt.
    • Mark followed, sliding along the wall opposite from Jason.
    • I pulled my summer diary from the enclosure and my hands trembled as they slid along the rawhide cover.
    • A folder was thrown onto the table; it slid along the smooth surface to land in front of her.
    • Finally I reach the wall and push myself off but now I am bouncing from wall to wall sliding along the carpet.
    • Upon impact, her body slid along the wall and collapsed onto the ground.
    • Momentum from the whirling caused her body to continue sliding on a smooth, level surface.
    • I slid along the wall until I was sitting on the floor next to the bathroom door.
    • Images of powerful creatures slide along the smooth walls.
  • 2

    • 2.1(move smoothly, glide)

      the curtain slides smoothly along the rail la cortina corre / se desliza con suavidad por el riel
      • the door slides open/shut la puerta se abre/se cierra corriéndola
      • she slid quietly out of the room salió sigilosamente de la habitación
      • the days slid by / past without our noticing los días transcurrieron sin que nos diéramos cuenta
      • He felt no resistance from Annie, so he risked sliding a hand along her thigh.
      • Drake took a small folder from under his jacket and slid it along the desk to Paddy.
      • The air is moist and moss-scented, and you slide your fingers along the slick castle stones as you're pulled by faint strains of music that sound vaguely familiar.
      • ‘My God, Marlon,’ purrs Sadie King as she slides her hand seductively along the vicar's leg while reaching for her pint of mild.
      • Grabbing the knife from the table, I slid it along the table to her hand.
      • I watch as he slides one hand vertically along the desk - slowly, caressingly.
      • Then he grabbed the keys to his car, extending the ignition key, and grabbed her wrist, sliding it along forcefully.
      • If I slide a brick along the table again and again, the friction is the same each time.
      • Returning to the familiar kitchen he slides a knife along his letters, slitting out their folded information.
      • He slid his fingers along the contour of his slender sword and slowly tightened them around the handle.
      • The problem is that later on in the game, when you have amassed a collection of inventory items, to get to a specific item, you have to use an arrow to slide the inventory along.
      • Her heart pounding fiercely out of her chest, she leaned out the window a little further, preparing to slide her right foot along the ledge.
      • We slide our hands along our scarves before wrapping them around our bodies.
      • Interactive displays in which people slide their foot along the floor to trigger on-screen stories and use a tracker ball to zoom in on parts of the city will stay.
      • Multiple readings of the fingerprint are taken while it is slid across the surface of the scanner.
      • I pulled his shirt off as well and slid my hands along his broad, muscular back.
      • It is done by grasping a small portion of hair and gently applying traction while sliding the fingers along the hair shafts.
      • The man raised an eyebrow, sliding his hand along her back.
      • You merely slide the clip back along the track to release the tile.
      • Lay the pencil flat on one surface with the point resting on the other, and slide the pencil along to make the scribe.

    • 2.2sliding present participle

      sliding door puerta corrediza / (de) corredera feminine

transitive verbslid

  • 1

    she slid the book across the table toward him le pasó el libro deslizándolo por la mesa
    • he slid his hand along the wall pasó la mano por la pared
    • to slide the bolt back correr el cerrojo
    • he slid the letter back into his pocket se volvió a meter la carta en el bolsillo
    • she slid a coin into his hand le pasó disimuladamente una moneda


  • 1

    • 1.1(in playground, pool)

      tobogán masculine
      resbaladilla feminine Mexico
      rodadero masculine Colombia
      resbalín masculine Chile
      • There were playful screams and calls all around from the children as they went up ladders and down slides, across the jungle-gyms and chasing each other.
      • We had real playgrounds with merry-go-rounds and metal slides and wooden see saws, all placed on concrete.
      • Swings, a see-saw and a slide had already been ordered.
      • We tried bird's eye views and worm's eye views of normal subjects, such as a playground slide.
      • There is a variety of fun to be gained on the slide, tunnel, climbing frames and also a soft baby play area, and action songs.
      • The centre also have a playground with swings and slides, which you can use during your visit.
      • We also have a playground with swings and slides.
      • Thirteen children's playgrounds are to be shut down but swings, see-saws and slides on six other sites are to be saved.
      • We had an ice-cream and a little play on the slide and climbing frame.
      • There is a playground with swings, slides, sandbox etc.
      • The slides, drums and see-saws in the park have a panel that indicates that energy can be created through friction alone.
      • She watched as all the children played on the swing sets and slides.
      • Some brought see-saws, slides and swings to their frames.
      • The playground is like a mini replica of a scene from a Walt Disney set with a playhouse, swings, sandpit, slides, and see-saws.
      • I watched the kids play around in the swing set and the slide.
      • There was a small playground covered in sand with a single swing set and a slide.
      • Across from school was a big public playground, filled with swing sets and slides and jungle gyms and merry-go-rounds.
      • All the traditional features, such as climbing frames, swings, see-saws and slides, can be seen but there is so much more besides.
      • Meanwhile in nearby India Street a play area for children up to the age of eight has a slide, roundabout and see-saw.
      • Children on the Temple Hill estate can look forward to new swings, slides and climbing frames in Attlee Drive's playground.

    • 1.2(on ice, slope)

      rampa feminine
      • Under the grass, you find a door to winter frosting up through the heat, and a slide of ice to a lake frozen like glass and lit from beneath by the moon.
      • He slid along an icy slide in the manner of a child going home from school.
      • The plunge featured a forty-foot-high mass of granite boulders, toboggan slides, waterfalls, and observation decks.
      • The steep asphalt path at the west end of the ruins of St Mary's Abbey made a splendid toboggan slide, and the invigorating pastime was thoroughly enjoyed.
      • The toboggan slide has three individual sliding channels and rubber tubes are provided for the riders.
      • If the snow is wet, its colossal weight can compound the slide's lethal force.
      • Crazy golf is included in the ticket price, the toboggan slides are great fun for kids of all ages and there are other outdoor activities to enjoy in fine weather.
      • This fall a toboggan slide will be developed at Hespeler Park.
      • The dramatic rescue unfolded when ice gave way under Nadine as she played with friends on an ice slide at the reservoir at 8pm last Monday.
      • Here at the world's largest snow playground, kids and adults can explore ice slides.
      • It must have been fun creating the ice slide, where we see the animals swirling around on a kind of natural rollercoaster?
      • Another time, I remember building a slide out of snow in the backyard with my sister and cousins.

  • 2

    • 2.1(action)

      (accidental) resbalón masculine
      (accidental) resbalada feminine Latin America
      (deliberate) deslizamiento masculine
      • For some reason he doesn't like burnouts, wheelies and handbrake slides into our street.
      • With bowling shoes, you're relying on them to give you a good slide up to the foul line.
      • The slide came, the slope caught them and the wheels came off.
      • Keeping the front wheels pointing in the direction of travel will also aid traction and help prevent a power-sapping slide.
      • Getting there was as wild and uncomfortable as any slide down a slippery slope can be.
      • A short walk in the mountains, often in snow drifts up to head height, was followed by a toboggan slide back to Grytviken.
      • Luckily, the plane made a short distance slide on the snow until it crashed against a rock on the mountain.
      • what a beautiful way to start a dance, just a slow slide of the toe along glittering black marble.
      • A lone bolt would halt some of the slide, but not enough to warrant any comfort.
      • Her routine was uninspired writhing and undulating but her pole slide was something that Plato would have written a riddle about.
      • A patch of soft snow stopped my slide and all was quiet.
      • First thing was how to traverse, followed by slow slides down the beginner slope.
      • Sasha said little to Hardy, but gazed at him between bumps and slides along the dunes.

    • 2.2(decline)

      (in prices) bajón masculine
      (in prices) caída feminine
      (in standards) decadencia feminine
      the slide in stock prices la caída / la baja de las cotizaciones

  • 3

    • 3.1Photography

      diapositiva feminine
      transparencia feminine
      filmina feminine
      to show slides pasar / proyectar diapositivas (or transparencias etc.)
      • before noun slide magazine (rectangular) bandeja
      • a slide show una proyección de diapositivas
      • In addition, there are two extended slide packs, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, containing 12 slides.
      • The high quality of the slides will ensure a reasonable lecture.
      • A slide projection on view, incorporating found and original photographs, was intended to be shown during dance performances.
      • Yes, I think the report rather than the slides is a better way of setting up the structure that we have used.
      • His slide programs were legendary and not merely because of the quality of his slides.
      • Their exhibition features 260 prints taken in the last three years, along with slides to be shown every Saturday afternoon for the duration of the exhibition.
      • With slide film, use your camera's exposure-compensation feature to underexpose by a half or a full stop for more saturated color bands.
      • Other drawings and photographs, projected as slides or mounted on easels, picked out details of the city, highlighting the jumble of old and new.
      • You can also use the StarOffice Navigator to view and select specific slides in the show.
      • Called a DNA microarray, it relied on the laws of nature, meaning that any virus applied to the slide would gravitate toward a like virus.
      • Light conditions occasionally were less than ideal which particularly affected the quality of the color slides.
      • The high quality of my slides took me by surprise.
      • By chance, I found the little processing ‘darkroom’ for those slides at a local thrift store.
      • As the cells matured they fell off the slide and settled in the bottom of the jar.
      • At the benefit, he didn't pitch JWM directly, but showed a slide giving his e-mail address and phone number.
      • The class began their research by viewing slides and taking a trip to the library.
      • The easiest way is to print the image on a transparency slide (the ones normally used for an overhead projector) with a laser printer.
      • Nuclei labeling was homogenous within a cyst, but labeling intensity varied between cysts, depending on the slide quality.
      • Nowadays I use color images from digital cameras as well as scans from slides, and the negatives print much more predictably.
      • Thus, in this room right now, we are converting electrical energy into light energy in the projector that is beaming images from my slides to the screen before you.

    • 3.2(for microscope)

      (glass plate) portaobjetos masculine
      (specimen) muestra feminine
      • The negative feedback current (approach curve) was obtained by moving the tip towards a glass microscope slide.
      • When imaging liposome attachment and coalescence to a clean surface, the slides were affixed to a magnetic disk and placed directly into the microscope.
      • A robotic instrument can apply to a single glass microscope slide a representative piece of every one of the 6,100 genes present in the yeast genome.
      • The wing is resting on a glass microscope slide but is not in mounting media.
      • As for the former problem, it is easy to demonstrate the characteristic filling from the central vessel in a spider by compressing it with your fingertip or a glass microscope slide to empty the spider and then watching it fill.
      • The machine then applies a thin, even layer of cells to a microscope slide for examination.
      • A collection of software programs was developed to integrate off-the-shelf hardware components from a variety of vendors to capture, archive, and display images from a microscope slide.
      • Aged pupae were washed, dried, and then attached to a microscope slide with double-stick tape.
      • Fifty microliters were placed into a 5 mm BTX fusion chamber consisting of a microscope slide and two platinum wires.
      • The measurements are performed in vitro, with a DNA construction anchored between a glass microscope slide and a silica bead.
      • The right wing of each male was mounted on a microscope slide and photographed with a digital camera through a stereoscopic microscope at a magnification of 40x.
      • Two Pt electrodes separated by 1.1 cm were attached to a glass microscope slide, and the space between the electrodes was filled with the cell suspension.
      • A wire hoop was placed inside each bag to prevent the fabric bags from coming into contact with the surface of the slides.
      • The third leg was removed with a fine probe, mounted on a microscope slide, and examined with phase microscopy.
      • The entire well of the microscope slide was examined under low power.
      • One wing was dissected from each of 10 flies of each sex from each of three independent vials and mounted carefully under a glass coverslip on a microscope slide.
      • The slides were packed in light-tight boxes containing desiccant and refrigerated for 14 days.
      • The intensity of the evanescent wave created at the bottom of the flow cell decays exponentially with the distance from the slide's surface.
      • In our experiment, both surfaces (the slide and the bead) are prepared with a protein monolayer adsorbed.
      • DNA microarrays consisting of thousands of individual gene sequences can be printed in a high density format on a glass microscope slide or deposited on a miniature matrix by a photolithographic process.

  • 4British

    (for hair)
    • Top off the look with a belly skimming T-shirt or airy peasant blouse, flowing hippie hair, and a pair of beaded slides.
    • I dug about for my straighteners and a new slide to separate my hair.
    • It was held in place in the hair by means of a slide or vertical hair pin.
    • The sisters can then wear the neckerchief slides in their hair.
  • 5

    • 5.1Music
      (sequence of notes)

      apoyatura doble feminine

    • 5.2Music
      (on instrument)

      vara corredera feminine
      • At first he merely toyed with the instrument, running a slide up and down and picking out series of notes almost like scales.
      • A shortened and flared slide stop release lever seems like a luxury, and you may be right.
      • His dark hair fell into his eyes as he looked down the slide of his instrument, inspecting the dent that his fall had put in it the day before.
      • The slide stop lever rests above the upper left-hand grip panel.
      • That makes it much easier for older shooters, or those with small hands or slender wrists, to operate its slide.
      • Since the hammer has to move for the slide to operate, everything is under control.
      • Just make sure the operating slide or slides are not bent.
      • There's no slop, no shake, and the slide travels along the frame ways slick as greased ball bearings.
      • An optional stainless steel slide will soon be available at a small additional charge.
      • The remainder of the stainless steel slide has a fine matte finish.
      • The slide is a smooth satin black, with almost all of its corners rounded.
      • He removes just enough material to smooth the slide, but not enough to weaken it structurally.
      • This lube is for slides, rails, bushings - anywhere you need good lube to migrate.
      • Guys may buy something too hard-kicking, too sharp-edged or with springs so strong that the women can't operate the slides.

  • 6also slide control

    Audio Electricity
    control masculine