Translation of slight in Spanish:


ligero, adj.

Pronunciation: /slʌɪt//slaɪt/


  • 1

    • 1.1

      (accent/smell/improvement) ligero
      (smell/improvement/accent) leve
      she has a slight temperature tiene un poco de fiebre
      • there has been a slight change of plan ha habido un pequeño cambio de planes
      • she walks with a slight limp cojea ligeramente
      • there was a slight tremor in her voice le temblaba levemente la voz
      • without the slightest hesitation sin dudarlo un instante
      • he gets upset at the slightest thing se molesta por la menor tontería / por cualquier nimiedad
      • I haven't the slightest idea no tengo (ni) la menor / (ni) la más remota idea
      • do you mind? — not in the slightest ¿te importa? — en absoluto / para nada
      • he's not in the slightest bit interested no le interesa en lo más mínimo / en absoluto / para nada
      • Customers do get us mixed-up however, which can cause a slight degree of chaos with orders!
      • They improve performance to a slight degree, but not by any factor that a typical user would notice, he says.
      • A slight degree of petulance had crept into his voice.
      • In virtually every case, however, the degree of degradation was slight enough to be inconsequential.
      • Aerodynamic limitations have been avoided to a slight degree at almost prohibitive cost and with consequent contamination.
      • My hands were getting clammy and I was feeling a slight degree of nervousness.
      • Colors often look muted and washed out with there also being a slight degree of edge enhancement rearing its ugly head.
      • This results in fluid retention of a slight degree when you are able to drink adequately and replete your exercise fluid losses.
      • There were 21 injuries as a result of accidental fires a slight increase from last year but half of those reported were from just two incidents.
      • There may be in fact none, of course, but notions of that kind perhaps still inform the provision to a slight degree.
      • All human eyes have a slight degree of farsightedness at birth.
      • However, even the moderate winds during my drive caused the roadster to react with a slight degree of cowl shake.
      • Hence, the difference could only be explained by the use of a different negative, copied from the original with a slight degree of enlargement.
      • The air temperature is 26 degrees and there is slight westerly breeze blowing.
      • Now that mightn't be just be in number of cases, it might just be in slight increases in margin return over time.
      • We couldn't have asked for a better day, around 19 degrees Celsius, a slight breeze and hardly a cloud in the sky.
      • Having said that, the latter does play its part, but only to a slight degree.
      • Once you're out on the streets you do have a slight degree of autonomy.
      • Five of six genes, regardless of X or autosomal location, are increased in expression to a slight degree in mutant females.
      • Thomas is also exhibiting more obvious signs of agoraphobia, although of a slight degree.

    • 1.2(minimal)

      hopes of finding her alive are slight las esperanzas de encontrarla con vida son escasas / remotas
      • their chances are slight tienen muy pocas posibilidades

    • 1.3(flimsy, inadequate)

      (foundation/grounds) poco firme
      his second novel is a rather slight work su segunda novela es de poca monta / es una obra menor
      • This tale is rather slight, but the visual beauty and thrilling action make this a stunning work of animation.
      • You can still interact with people, but those interactions are slight and superficial (in the on-the-surface sense) and ephemeral.
      • I mean, this isn't Shakespeare, it's slight and rather broad comedy.
      • It is all rather slight, but the visual beauty and thrilling action make this a stunning work of animation.
      • Much of his concert work is slight, mainly because that's all the time he felt he could give.
      • Her books are deceptively slight, superficially easy, and so easily misunderstood.
      • It's a slight work, but gives an insight into Puccini's early creativity.
      • Komorebi is a slight work made up of sketches and vignettes, whose very slightness is one of its most attractive qualities.
      • Taylor understands the idiom quite perfectly and he manages to bring a grandeur and nobility to the admittedly slight work.
      • Objectively, the plot is slight, but wrapped up in the details there lurks an epic tale.
      • He is too light, too slight, too trivial, a figure with insufficient gravity.
      • Despite this, cumulatively the threads both between tracks and between the constituent parts of each track appear rather too slight to maintain this listener's engagement.
      • Abelard also wrote a slight work of practical advice for his son.
      • He continues to direct good films, even if all of them are rather slight.
      • His best work was way behind him by this time, and even now it's rather slight, but I have a soft spot for some of it
      • Ultimately, it all sounds rather petty and slight.
      • While intelligent and elegant, they have seemed rather slight and concerned with relatively marginal problems.
      • This is a rather slight movie if I ever saw one, but that doesn't mean it's not an enjoyable one.
      • A woman writer who evokes an intensely personal landscape still finds she is dismissed as slight, precious, trivial.
      • The earliest concertos composed for square piano are slight works, diverting but lightweight.

  • 2

    of slight build de complexión delgada / menuda

transitive verb

  • 1

    (offend, ignore)
    hacerle un desaire a
    hacerle un desprecio a
    he felt slighted se sintió ofendido / desairado
  • 2

    (contribution/work) hablar con desdén de


  • 1formal

    desaire masculine
    desprecio masculine
    a slight on sb un desprecio para con / hacia algn
    • a slight on sth un desprecio a algo