Translation of slim in Spanish:


esbelto, adj.

Pronunciation /slɪm//slɪm/


  • 1

    (figure/person) esbelto
    (figure/person) delgado
    (waist) fino
    (column/volume) fino
    the industry is now considerably slimmer la industria se ha racionalizado considerablemente
    • Instead, a slim band marks and secures the precise joining of the vessel's single sheet of bent brass at the front.
    • But if that's the case how come you are so slim and slender?
    • But if you're slim and trim, then you can have a blast.
    • Her dress was straight out of a fairytale, with its light, graceful layers that served to accentuate the woman's slim build.
    • She gave a sigh of disgust, her eyes narrowing behind her slim glasses.
    • Most satisfying is that each image is a gem with only a slim band of white space separating one from another.
    • Leonard combines these shapes with slim rectangles of varying sizes that seem to trim or buttress the larger shapes.
    • He was slim to medium build, with cropped, mousy brown hair and spoke with a local accent.
    • He gave her a slim gold band that once belonged to his mother, and she gave him violets, her favorite flower.
    • There's more body movement, though - the hand on the chin is a favourite, showing off the unflashy watch and slim wedding band.
    • Putting the cloth aside, she held a slim, gold hilted sword in her hand.
    • Her figure was slim and pretty, her fingers slender and graceful as she steadfastly worked at her stitching.
    • As he does, Martina opens the box, revealing a slim, white gold ring.
    • The other was slightly shorter at 5ft 8in tall and of slim build.
    • Several of the more modern ornaments are elegant in form and shape and can be stylishly worn on a slim chain around the neck.
    • She was slim, and wearing figure hugging black trousers and an elbow length wine coloured top.
    • Trousers are slim and close to the leg, slightly flaring at the shoe.
    • This combination of materials was just not conducive to the slim shape that was needed to smoothly penetrate the ocean of air.
    • New recruits should opt for slim ties - narrow to medium-narrow width.
    • Few can deny that girls in Shanghai are more and more stylish, with dyed hair, high-soled shoes, slim figures and above all, clothes with less material.
    • Her slim figure and graceful movements suggested to him that she knew how to quietly slip into a room, or to turn it into a swirling storm of attention.
    • It's gold and has a slim strap with a narrow oval face, which sparkles as if it had been sprinkled with extra fine glitter.
    • They are looking for a black male, 22 years old, six feet tall with a slim build, a thin mustache, wearing a gray shirt and jeans.
    • I slid a slim silver band off of my left ring finger.
    • One was slim build, with short dark hair and 5ft 9ins tall.
    • Both ladies were wearing slim gold circlets studded with diamonds, which marked them as princesses.
    • She wore slim rectangular, gold glasses that were at the end of her nose.
    • Manufacturer and retail catalogs also featured the guard or keeper ring, a plain slim gold band worn over the diamond ring to keep it in place.
    • His accomplice was white, 5ft 9in, of slim build and in his 20s.
    • Even in the winter of his years, he maintained his slim necktie, suspicious glances, overall decency and a peculiar use of his fedora onstage.
    • It is also seen in the style of some mosques and minarets with their slim and ornate shapes, as well as in public buildings such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Qurm.
    • He was slim and strong, built like a rapier and just as fast.
    • He grabbed it and unsheathed it, admiring the slim silver blade and the connoisseur smith who had shaped it.
    • Racing up to the entrance, Nick saw a slim man leaned up against the wall, clutching his profusely bleeding wrist.
    • She wore a slim gold band around her head, a white tunic, and jeans and boots.
    • His skin was very pale and he was slim and not built up at all.
    • She was of average build and had a nice, slim figure.
    • I was built with very small bones, resulting in my slim figure.
    • He is about 5ft 4in tall, of slim build, with a thin face.
    • The male is described as of thin build, slim features, 6ft, short brown hair, early 30s, wearing a long, black scruffy coat.
    • She was slim but not thin, and her golden skin seemed to glow in the candlelight.
  • 2

    (hope/chance) escaso
    (profit) exiguo
    (profit) pequeño
    (majority) estrecho
    on the slimmest of pretexts con el más mínimo pretexto
    • He also collected a silver medal in the 50m freestyle in which he was pipped at the post for the gold by a very slim 0.04 of a second margin in another PB swim.
    • Giving birth seems like a fragile process, fraught with danger, with a slim chance of success - rather than a completely natural thing as it should be.
    • Right now an alien who crosses the border knows that he stands a very slim chance, if any at all, of being caught once he's here.
    • The prospects of agreement on a devolution package in the near future appear slim, however.
    • She has a slim chance of success, yet the financial world is slowly replacing their faith in her appeal.
    • Knowing full well that the chances of someone actually being on the other line were slim to none, she answered the phone nonetheless.
    • Having said that, the chances of finding any such gold are slim.
    • Sort of suggests that it's not the slim possibility that the band might have a couple of extra ounces on them that's the problem they're facing, Louis.
    • But the chances that his diet caused his narrowed arteries are slim to none.
    • Coach Dan Issel surely will continue to search for the elusive big man he coveted in July, but the odds of finding someone who can make much difference appear slim.
    • But realistically the pair have only a slim chance of medal success in that final.
    • By contrast, the literature on Britain appears to be surprisingly slim and tends to make repeated reference to the same or similar lists of crimes and cases.
    • The likelihood of that appeared very slim in a country where the president and prime minister regularly exchange public insults.
    • Opportunities to break into the first team at Preston appear to be slim, with five other players ahead of him in the pecking order at Deepdale.
    • As stated above, the potential for the development of delta agonists into clinically useful agents for the treatment of severe pain appears slim.
    • Most English Catholics were appalled by news of the plot, realizing the slim chance of success, and that failure would lead to further repression.
    • Oakenshaw only fielded five players, which is never a good tactic, and their hopes of surviving the drop appear slim.
    • However, the prospects for discontinuous, disruptive change appear slim.
    • The chances are slim that any change would be made.
    • Buoyed by the slim margin, the Carlow border side rallied from the restart.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (become slimmer)
    (person) adelgazar
    (person) bajar de peso
    (industry) racionalizarse
  • 2British

    hacer régimen
    hacer dieta
    I'm slimming estoy a régimen / a dieta

transitive verb

  • 1

    (thighs/hips) adelgazar
    (thighs/hips) reducir
    (business) racionalizar