Translation of slime in Spanish:


limo, n.

Pronunciation /slaɪm//slʌɪm/


  • 1

    (thin mud)
    limo masculine
    cieno masculine
    he's slime es un canalla
    • His black homburg was covered with the thick black slime as was his black coat.
    • The slime - a thick, mucus-like substance that smelled positively dreadful - was dribbling down the steps in a slow and steady ooze.
    • Behind it was a thick trail of sticky slime, almost like that of a slug, only more of a discolored yellow.
    • Yet, as she applied the thick slime to his wound a massive stinging sensation gripped him, and made coping much harder.
    • It was really quite dark, and every so often, she stumbled over a hidden log or bit of slippery slime.
    • A slime of excrement and urine made the walkway slick.
    • It did not help - we were still getting hit and the brown slime was getting thicker and drier on the windows.
    • Within minutes the area was covered in red slime and clouds of tomato sauce filled the air.
    • They had a type of slime stuff oozing down their bodies.
    • The Utuku warriors lurched into the clearing in ragged files, swearing, covered with mud and slime up to their underbellies.
    • In fact, tench are covered with thousands of tiny scales and a thick layer of slime, which protects them from damage as they slip between dense stands of aquatic plants in their natural habitat.
    • Those biofilms are the slippery slime that you sometimes find on your carrots if you leave them too long in your refrigerator drawer.
    • Specks of food and slime covered their aprons and Will, who had scrubbed a huge casserole pan vigorously to compete with Tommy, had a chunk of lamb fat stuck in his hair.
    • Their hide was thick and leathery, with a thin film of slime covering it.
    • There was a thick black slime on the floor which led to my broken basement window.
    • The rocks are coated with thick black slime out of reach of the 150 young soldiers with olive green shower capes and buckets and spades to shovel up the filth.
    • A thick layer of scourge slime ensured that no one was going in or out of the dining room.
    • Slowly, a form rises out of the chamber, dripping a thick greeny-brown slime.
    • They also have a thin film of slime covering their bodies.
    • My ankle blew up to the size of a softball and leaked prolific amounts of worm juice, a syrupy yellow pus that was as slippery as slug slime.
  • 2

    (of snail, slug etc)
    baba feminine