Translation of slipstream in Spanish:


estela, n.

Pronunciation /ˈslɪpˌstrim//ˈslɪpstriːm/


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    estela feminine
    • We inched out the door, the wind clawing at my legs as they emerged into the slipstream - and then it happened.
    • The predominant cockpit sound is of the slipstream, rather than the resonant drone of the radial engines.
    • Since cooling was no problem in the slipstream of an airplane or airship, the gun could be stripped of its distinctive barrel jacket and fins.
    • It looked as if the cowling had simply popped open in flight and crumpled in the slipstream.
    • As the power comes in, the spiraling slipstream tends to yaw the aircraft to the left, especially at low speed.
    • Be sure to latch open the inside hatch before jettisoning the outside hatch, otherwise the suction of the slipstream would hold the inside hatch closed and you would be trapped.
    • The end of the road had come for the SAP, which rumbled and shook violently, punctured wing panels beginning to peel away in the slipstream.
    • This aircraft company was awarded a US Army contract to study vectored slipstreams and produce an aircraft that could test the concept.
    • A slight contraction of the slipstream could also be detected by the pilot.
    • Since cross winds will drift the slipstream downwind, a pace line must echelon to get the benefit of drafting in a cross wind.
    • In Nick's case, continuously driving in a slipstream hampered the air flow to cool the engine which created an additional problem.
    • When the large boxes slide out the back of a C-l7, they hit the slipstream and break up.
    • As it rocketed past over our heads, the slipstream buffeted us.
    • She was using my slipstream to save her the energy of facing the wind resistance, very tactical but it made her a sitting duck for weaponry.
    • Make sure you anticipate the left-turning tendencies of a slipstream effect and ‘P factor.’
    • I made a semi-carrier type of approach in a left-hand turn with my head sticking out into the slipstream.
    • We had to re-trim the ship and increase our throttle setting a little because of the increased drag caused by the bomb bay door hanging out in the slipstream.
    • They said we had been caught in a slipstream with another aircraft.
    • Feather vibration in the slipstream produces the remarkable throbbing known as ‘drumming’.
    • With a sudden blur of motion a single-person craft emerged from a slipstream.

transitive verb

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    ir justo detrás de