Translation of slit-eyed in Spanish:


de ojos achinados, adj.

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    de ojos achinados
    • The baseball cap with the brim turned to the popular position, the slit-eyed glance, the vulpine lope - weak and comical creatures.
    • Kelch's blue eyes widened for a moment before crunching up in a slit-eyed glare.
    • The feldspar statue keeps intent, slit-eyed watch over a tomb.
    • Then, her eyes fell back into that scowl, that evil little slit-eyed look, trying to be somewhat intimidating and still failing.
    • Lempicka, with helmet and gauntlets, but over-lipsticked, has her eye on the road in slit-eyed girlish triumph.
    • ‘I can't,’ I lied, unsure of why I lied only that it slid off my tongue like so many slit-eyed snakes.
    • ‘Don't start without me,’ he said, grinning slit-eyed at Harkol.
    • She glared at the old woman through a slit-eyed gaze, keeping her mouth closed to refrain from showing her teeth.
    • And two armored knights with slit-eyed helmets lashed out at each other with leaden swords (carefully shadowed by other dancers to make sure they didn't fall off the stage).
    • With slit-eyed weasels like that running around, who needs the the competition?
    • For me ‘the strong, silent type’ conjures up images of slit-eyed Clint Eastwood, mumbling a few well chosen syllables before dispatching some low-life to oblivion with his enormous gun.
    • Stock villains tend to be swarthy, towel-headed terrorists or slit-eyed, buck-toothed guerrillas.