Translation of slither in Spanish:


deslizarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈslɪðə//ˈslɪðər/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (snake) deslizarse
    the car slithered to a halt el coche patinó hasta detenerse
    • we slithered down the slope nos resbalamos por la pendiente
    • Ben dipped under the surface, slithering like a snake after the boys.
    • A variety of snakes twisted and slithered across his shoulders down to his fingertips as if they had a life of their own.
    • Gliding smoothly under it, he slithered his fingers in between the wave in a cutting motion.
    • Grace and Willies peered into an aquarium, and to Willie's delight and Grace's horror, saw dozens of squirmy striped creatures slithering over each other.
    • What looks like oil slicks slither across the surface, multiple colors twisting over each other.
    • Creatures that slither, writhe or scuttle currently form the star attraction for visitors of all ages to the town.
    • The road twists vertiginously around sharp drop-offs, and nighttime is when poisonous fer-de-lance snakes slither across the road.
    • ‘It's a place of peace for me,’ Carlos says as a black snake slithers by.
    • There were rats and snakes crawling and slithering all over her helpless body.
    • It felt like an oily snake slithering around in my head.
    • In a moment, the forest was quiet again, and the flying and creeping things slithered and crawled to view the carnage.
    • A week or so later, the snake slithers back into the wild - broadcasting a signal to researchers about where and how it lives.
    • The ship seems to slither and move as if it's alive.
    • Then, above our heads soared three eagles, and not long after, an adder slithered calmly between our feet.
    • What Moon has found is that a snake slithers by bending its body into a series of S-shaped curves produced by alternating waves of muscle contraction that start at the reptile's head and move back toward its tail.
    • As Satan taunts Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane, a snake slithers out from beneath the underbrush.
    • Artistic images of snakelike forms capture the scaly, slithering, writhing shapes of snakes as they move over the ground or swim in water.
    • If you don't move fast, the snake will slither away.
    • Most of the inhabitants could afford to buy extra water rations and keep plants, which they proudly displayed sprawling out of the windows and slithering up the pale, smooth walls of their homes.
    • I look down and see a long snake slithering past us.