Translation of slob in Spanish:


vago, n.

Pronunciation /slɑb//slɒb/



  • 1

    vago masculine informal
    vaga feminine informal
    dejado masculine
    dejada feminine
    atorrante masculine Southern Cone informal
    you fat slob! ¡cerdo! informal
    • They were asking for lazy, fat slobs who do nothing at home to apply.
    • For evidence of our sloth, see the newly published report from the British Heart Foundation which reveals that we are raising a generation of slobs with a third of all under-sevens failing to reach the minimum recommended activity levels.
    • There are regular complaints about drunken slobs congregating in the Cathedral Close every summer.
    • It was also delightful to hear the out of shape slobs swearing at and criticising the highly fit athletes on the pitch.
    • Bilko's motor-pool privates were scruffy, lazy, unattractive slobs who liked to do as little work as possible, never paraded and were almost fearful of weaponry.
    • The four bouncers go for a night on the town, playing more than 20 different characters, from giggly girls to drunken slobs, set against the glitzy glamour of the nightclub scene.
    • If slobs cannot be bothered to set aside 10 minutes to walk to the polling station then they don't deserve to have a say in who runs their affairs.
    • It is part of a drive to market the players as athletes and darts as a proper sport rather than a pub game enjoyed by slobs.
    • There's an ugly puritanical streak buried in the argument that those of us who do a good job should be rewarded and lazy slobs should be punished.
    • Sex discrimination meant the exclusion of one sex (almost invariably women) from equal salaries or promotion prospects; it was not trivialised into a crusade for women to dress as men and men to dress as slobs.
    • Of course, I also think that Britain is a nation of inarticulate, pugilistic slobs.
    • Of course, she had always known she would have a roommate, but after all the dorm horror stories about slobs and inconsiderate people, she hadn't expected it to be this pleasant.
    • We're not all lazy slobs like Channel 4 seem to want us to be.
    • We are not a nation of slobs, but it's a sad, sobering fact that the majority of tourists only see the bars or beaches when they are on holidays.
    • One hotel is now offering to turn slobs into studs in just a weekend.
    • Mary Allison is warning that toddlers are being turned into slobs by parents who do not make them take exercise.
    • As in all widely practiced human endeavors, hunting has its share of bad actors, its poachers, slobs and louts.
    • We are a bunch of slobs with an expensive product that gets less useful and interesting by the day.
    • ‘I'm told there are no slobs or yobs over 2,000 ft, they can't exist in the pure air,’ he grins.
    • And the house is really badly decorated - a legacy from the people who used to own it, who were worse slobs than we are.