Translation of slog in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /slɑɡ//slɒɡ/


  • 1

    (struggle, toil)
    it was a long slog up the hill subir la cuesta fue un gran esfuerzo / nos (/ les etc. ) costó mucho
    • we've got a long slog ahead of us tenemos un largo y arduo camino por delante
  • 2

    golpe masculine
    he gave the ball a hard slog bateó (/ pateó etc. ) la pelota con fuerza

intransitive verb

  • 1

    caminar trabajosamente
    we slogged up the hill subimos la colina con dificultad / con gran esfuerzo

transitive verb

  • 1

    to slog it out luchar hasta el final
    • they were slogging it out on the street estaban peleando a puñetazos en la calle
    • they're slogging it out for control of the market están luchando todo lo que pueden por conseguir el control del mercado
    • It's been a bit of a hard slog and anyone who says I haven't paid my dues can lump it.
    • It has been a hard slog for educationally ambitious single mothers receiving public assistance since welfare was reformed in 1996.
    • But if the polls are right, she has a fair chance of finding out at first hand whether being first lady is a hard slog.
    • Don't worry about the first chapter which, whilst beautiful, does make it seem like it's going to be a bit of a hard slog.
    • It was a hard slog and I just never got really comfortable.
    • I'm working with you everyday to get those chubby legs of yours to assume more responsibility, but this is a hard slog as your are so very stubborn.
    • It is a hard slog but Solomon is determined to make it to the top.
    • It is a hard slog, that is trying at the best of times and wrenching and torturous and terrifying most of the time.
    • It was a less than impressive start to a hard slog ahead.
    • His rise to prominence, culminating at this year's French Open where he reached his first Grand Slam semifinal, has been a hard slog.
    • I know a lot of you are doing stuff together, but it's a hard slog to find out what.
    • ‘Getting the debate on an even keel will be a hard slog,’ he said.
    • The pitch stood up well considering the state it had been in one week earlier, but the wet and cloying conditions did little to lift the match above the level of a hard slog.
    • It has been a hard slog to the top, making my way through mind-numbing local radio interviews and writing for nothing; never did I imagine that I would hit such exalted heights.
    • ‘It is marvellous to see something like this coming together after so many years of a hard slog,’ she said.
    • During the earlier part of a band's career, this is a hard slog, with lots of frustrating phone calls and unreturned messages.
    • It's certainly been a hard slog but I think any experience, especially bad ones, usually benefit you long-term.
    • At the beginning, both Regina and Maria felt it was a hard slog.
    • Slowly our health returns and the next seven days, while being a hard slog, go relatively smoothly.
    • It really has been a hard slog but seeing all these people here today it has been well worth it.
    • ‘It's hard, work, a hard slog and I wish you the best of luck,’ said Mr Miller.
    • A couple of slogs by Sami then happened and he was caught plumb in front by Kumble.
    • Wides and no-balls were matched even by heaves and slogs, and on another day, India could have easily been reduced to 25 for 4 with a similar approach.
    • The narrow Craven Park pitch is notoriously boggy and Simms knows Salford could be in for a stamina-sapping slog.
    • Kumble went round the wicket to bring the ugly miscued, sliced slog to mid-off's hands into play.
    • With more attention and focus to his bowling he could become a truly formidable international cricketer, secure in the knowledge that he has more to offer than just the slog.
    • Barring the minnows Namibia and Holland, Pakistan have failed to get a worthwhile start, and with few wickets preserved till the so-called slog overs, no wonder Shoaib Akhtar has been their best batsman.
    • I thought maybe I could have a chance and a couple of slogs would get me there.
    • It is a batsman's game with bowlers happy if they can avoid being hit into kingdom come and it is surprising how many of the big boundary blows are the result of proper strokes rather than ungainly slogs.
    • What annoys me a bit about the comments afterwards, though, have been the ones saying that the rest of my wickets were slogs in the air.
    • Batting doesn't take a lot of mastering and, once you have, you can have a good slog at the fielding sides' expense, turning the game into a foregone conclusion (if you're playing solo).
    • He had been ordered out of the attack after he bowled two beamers in an over during the slog.
    • In fact, I think my last hundred came in 66 balls, so my game plan by then was ‘block block slog, block block slog.’
    • I've got past my horrendous slog in the first innings, so we'll be trying hard.
    • The pitch wasn't great and there were a few slogs from me but a few good shots as well.
    • Bichel went to tea on 45 not out with a series of arrow-straight slogs, and brought up his maiden Test fifty straight after tea with a driven single off Banks.
    • There are none of the ugly slogs over midwicket or nicks flying through thirdman for four or over fineleg for six.
    • So it has been nearly two and a half years since Kaif contributed any sort of a decent slog.
    • Next ball, as if vindictively, he reverted to a hideous, shameless cross-batted slog near midwicket for six.
    • But it's also a case of settling into your role in the side. Gary used to drop anchor for us at one end; Allan would be the one we called upon to break partnerships, or bowl in the slog overs in one-day games.
    • And that was at a time when even county matches, now bereft of crowds unless they are one-day slogs, had good attendance figures.