Translation of slope in Spanish:


cuesta, n.

Pronunciation /sləʊp//sloʊp/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sloping ground)

      cuesta feminine
      pendiente feminine
      gradiente feminine Latin America
      a steep/gentle slope una cuesta empinada/poco pronunciada
      • Eventually the Ramman river can be heard flowing hundreds of feet below, flanked on either side by slopes covered in acres of tea plantations.
      • The hotel itself was on a slope and at ground level was virtually featureless from this side.
      • With a wistful sigh Bakul picked up his large quakehammer, which had belonged to his father, and began trudging up the sandy slope towards the surface world.
      • Before my gaze was a misty, lush forest, falling away in steep slopes and verdant levels to a hidden valley below.
      • Cromarty indicated that was not his intention, but that his intention was that the entire surface have a gentle slope towards the center where the water would then drain to the catch basin.
      • The black horse, sitting back against the slope to avoid falling with its rider, was hard put to keep up.
      • She ordered the men to tear up the plants, and they leveled the pretty slope and removed the soil.
      • These develop most commonly on gradients, where seepage of water down the slope through the surface soil is interrupted by barriers of rock, or of clay reaching or approaching the surface.
      • Towards the top of the sharp ice ridge there was approximately 300 meters of icy slope on each side of us, with large jagged rocks protruding at the bottom.
      • The slopes of the walls fit easily to our backs, and we sipped water and ate granola, fingering the powder absent-mindedly.
      • A pebble fell from the slope above the cave mouth and rolled to his feet and Ian stared down at it.
      • The dangers to fall planting on a slope are obvious.
      • For decades Wycombe were a middling non-league club who played for 95 years at a ground, Loakes Park, notable for an 11-foot slope on the playing surface.
      • The roadway surfaces and embankment slopes, where disturbed, to be restored to a condition not inferior to that in which they are found before the works are commenced.
      • In Ludwig's design, conference rooms will look out to the southwest, so that the people in them can watch the snow fall on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevadas.
      • The engineers prepared a mesh surface on the southeast slope to enable equipment to be winched to the top of the hill.
      • Fugro will receive tenders for the repair of 28 slopes and retaining walls in Kwun Tong, Wong Tai Sin and Sai Kung.
      • The outcome depends on how hard and how long it rains, how long the concrete has been down, the type of finish, and the slope of the concrete surface.
      • The birds spread across a rising slope of snow furrowed with ditches worn by thousands of penguin feet.
      • Digging their claws into the side of the steep slope, they slowed their fall and began their jumping climb to the road above.

    • 1.2(of mountain)

      ladera feminine
      falda feminine
      • Sherpa villages cling to the sides of sheer mountain slopes or sit on top of steep escarpments.
      • It just stays on the valley floor, sometimes crossing snow bridges to avoid side hills and obvious avalanche slopes.
      • The often steep and rugged lower slopes of the mountains are dominated by cacti, agaves, yuccas, and thorn-bearing shrubs.
      • Practice braking before you try any steep slopes or hills.
      • I remember the pure exhilaration of tramping the steep slopes of the hills and mountains with him in search of our elusive prey.
      • By far the best way to break up a dreary Irish winter is to join the holiday makers who head for the mountain slopes of Europe to indulge in a spot of skiing.
      • Down and down, we went, like a wild ride through a city alley, block after block, with windswept, rocky mountain slopes on either side.
      • Skiers will only be allowed access to the downhill skiing slopes, while non-skiing visitors will be confined to the Ptarmigan centre.
      • Those who survived, did so by running for their lives up steep mountain slopes.
      • The most spectacular hill slopes are the sides of deep gorges and the great rock cliffs of high mountain chains.
      • I heard about how tough physical training programs had paid off as the soldiers had carried their heavy loads up steep slopes in the thin mountain air.
      • The key ecological problem was that this enormous growth of dry farming crops took place on the steep slopes of the mountain ranges.
      • Most of them had spent their entire lives cultivating sorghum and sweet potatoes on the steep mountain slopes of Kibungo Prefecture in eastern Rwanda.
      • I mean you're moving very fast; what are you physically seeing as you're going down the side of a mountain on these steep slopes?
      • Instead of the relatively flat, even terrain farther north, the Mauricie is known for everything from rolling hills to steep slopes and harshly broken, rocky terrain.
      • I slowly ascended the steep rocky slopes of the mountain.
      • All of this lies within ideal vine-growing latitudes, with a backbone of mountains and hillside slopes running the length of the country.
      • Wanderers will play tonight's game in the shadow of one of the most famous slopes in downhill skiing.
      • As luck would have it, much like blackcurrant in Bourgogne, blueberries are the emblematic berry in the Vosges, where they grow by the bushload up the steep mountain slopes.
      • Terraced farmlands irrigated by a complex network of ditches carrying water from rivers ensured reliable yields even on steep mountain slopes.

    • 1.3(for skiing)

      pista de esquí feminine
      cancha de esquí feminine Southern Cone

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    (incline, angle)
    pendiente feminine
    inclinación feminine
    • We chose to do our dendrochronological work with pitch pine and Virginia pine to increase our chances of detecting site differences at the two slope positions.
    • All the curves were represented quite well by two intersecting straight lines, thus yielding values of the initial slope and the position of the titration endpoint.
    • I was doing 30 mph but because the speed camera was positioned on a slope so as you go down the road, your car gain speeds, that when my 1mph came from.
    • Transects were placed so as to provide a representative sample of the forest as a whole and to examine differences associated with slope position and aspect.
    • Ramps increase the degree of hazard, especially if they're positioned manually on a slope or by a relatively inexperienced driver.
    • In general, curve ADC would not be symmetrical because the slope for the reactants would differ from the slope for the products.
    • However, lizards may alter their behavior on inclines of different slopes.
    • The interaction between branch position and sapling height was used to test for differences in slopes among branches in different positions.
    • Kelp gulls used a wide variety of habitats, including areas with different slopes and degrees of vegetation cover located on island or mainland sites.
    • Clearcut richness did not differ with slope position but forest richness was greater on lower slopes during both sample periods.
    • Even if a runway is identical in size to a familiar runway, a different slope can cause dangerous illusions as well.
    • Before we realized it, the driver moved the car backward in the slope.
    • The slopes between eye position and interaural sound pressure level ratios were not different from zero.
    • Two cameras capture the laser beam representation of the scanned lens and convey it to a computer, where the positions and slopes of the refracted beams are noted.
    • At what position on a slope individuals will most likely be found is still unclear.
    • We used analysis of covariance to test differences in the slopes among interday calibration curves.
    • The shape of the seafloor near land (shallower and steeper slopes lead to very different kinds of tsunami waves once they hit shore).
    • Plot slopes did not differ significantly between bedrock types or aspect.
    • He trimmed the flight feathers to various lengths, and made them run up slopes of different slopes and textures.
    • However, given that all three slopes differed significantly, it seemed arbitrary as to which slope to select.
  • 3US offensive, slang

    (Chinese person)
    chino masculine
    china feminine
    chale masculine Mexico informal offensive
    canaca feminine Peru Chile informal offensive

intransitive verb

  • 1

    her handwriting slopes backward/forward tiene la letra inclinada hacia atrás/adelante
    • the ground slopes away on either side of the road hay una pendiente a ambos lados de la carretera
    • the road begins to slope downward el camino empieza a descender

transitive verb

  • 1

    (road) construir en declive
    • In the central highlands, you could raise cattle and crops; where the land sloped down towards sea level, coffee grew in abundance.
    • The land on either side of the road sloped down and away, giving way to rows of trees on both sides, and a healthy expanse of grass.
    • The ground sloped down as he rounded the building into the rear parking lot.
    • The roof sloped down on each side to form a squat triangular passage adorned with deep black scallops.
    • Then, if you measure up an equidistance at the corners, the ceiling will slope to match your floor.
    • The platform was a street with curbs on either side that sloped down very slowly to the only building in sight.
    • Just outside that a water-slicked tiled roof sloped away, and below that darkness and rain shrouded a small central courtyard.
    • Shallow channels may form on some playas, particularly if the playa surface is sloping.
    • You can make your pool as shallow or as deep as you want, but the key is to make sure the sides slope: Otherwise the soil will cave in.
    • Lisa took out a form which she had clearly created because the line sloped and the ink had messily spread across the page because she had put the ruler on too early.
    • The flat land on one side, the side we were driving on, sloped down.
    • Sure enough, listening to Elza's intuition paid off as the ground sloped down to sea level, pretty soon we were able to walk onto the sand hilled beach.
    • In smaller specimens the entire upper platform surface may slope into a deep groove, giving the element a V-shaped cross-section.
    • The house is on seven acres, with the front grounds sloping down to the Owenmore River.
    • All of the boundaries slope in the same direction with increasing detergent concentration.
    • It was around twenty feet long and ten feet wide, with the sides sloping down to a little clear ground in the middle.
    • Mr. Garbutt acknowledged that the brick ties should have been at an absolute minimum horizontal but preferably sloped down at an angle from the block to the brick.
    • Its sides slope gently inward to eliminate the need for a toekick, accentuating the material's monolithic character.
    • Orlan studied the left wall, which was the largest since the ceiling sloped down to the right side of the room, evidently having occurred because of pressure from above.
    • Take a look at how they write: are their lines sloping to the right?