Translation of slosh in Spanish:


echar, v.

Pronunciation /slɒʃ//slɑʃ/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • Water sloshed over sidewalks on some sections of Shore Acres Boulevard, and signs warning motorists to be cautious were placed at entrances to the subdivision.
    • With all this money sloshing around, brutal tactics are certain.
    • The dirt floor is wet and you slosh in your rubber boots through puddles.
    • The ice in the pitcher tinkled melodically against the crystal sides and the mineral water sloshed slightly as he turned the handle to face the right, assuming that the odds were in his favour.
    • This meant that there was lots of money sloshing around in Soho.
    • I rushed back as fast as I could, water sloshing in the pot.
    • Bella stood up, toppling her chair and jostling the table; the coffee sloshed threatening inside the mugs.
    • Two small, brawny men slosh through an icy stream, their cheap plastic sandals slapping slick rocks.
    • Nothing in the vehicle is power-operated, so you could ford a river, have water sloshing through the cabin, and there's no electrics to fail.
    • Just having a lot of money sloshing around is not the same as development.
    • Here, we gleefully slosh about in communal pools of thick brown gloop, pouring it over ourselves with plastic pails and savouring the eucalyptus-like aroma, before washing it off under hot jets of salty spring water.
    • Or I could say this: ‘Colin spilled into his common room, and I sloshed after him.’
    • She began to shiver in the freezing air and the cold, slimy water, and Nick sloshed his way over to take her in his arms.
    • The warm water sloshed around making gentle splashing sounds as it hit the sides of the pool.
    • The ship was gracefully rocking from left to right, and the water sloshing along the sides of the vessel made a rhythmic pattern of music.
    • The cold wet water sloshed around my feet, tickling my toes.
    • The water sloshed around me, matching the unsteady beat of my heart.
    • The figures sloshed their way through the downpour.
    • There's an awful lot of money sloshing about in the aid industry.
    • Given that we use less than one percent of the total water sloshing around the planet, it does seem bizarre to suggest we are faced with shortages.
    • She pulled herself out of her wash tub, wrinkling her nose as the dirty water sloshed around.
    • Men sloshed in the water, while they fixed the damage done to the Jewel.
    • The pigs' water hose was frozen this morning and it was not fun hauling 5 gallon pails of icy water sloshing down my pant legs.
    • Neither one said a word, and the only sound was that of the water sloshing against the side of the ship.
    • ‘I couldn't believe it wasn't enough protection,’ he said, looking at the water sloshing halfway up his phone's screen.
    • There is so much money sloshing around the rich nowadays that surely there are a hundred people with £3,000 to spare for such a national treasure.
    • He thought he might fall forever, until he hit the ground hard, ankle-deep water sloshing at his feet.
    • I was running with water sloshing around in my trainers.
  • 2British informal

    cascar informal

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to slosh around / about agitarse haciendo ruido