Translation of slot in Spanish:


ranura, n.

Pronunciation /slɒt//slɑt/


  • 1

    • 1.1(opening)

      ranura feminine
      to put a coin in the slot meter una moneda en la ranura
      • The woman is trying to slip quarters into the machine slot with one hand while struggling to hold on to the feisty girl with her other hand.
      • They noticed the cashpoint slot was narrow, and when the card was retained they remained by the machine for further instructions - but nothing happened.
      • Once you park, get to the machine nearest to your car, insert a five rupee coin at the slot provided and type your car registration number.
      • Aruna put the disc into the slot, and the machine began to whir.
      • She dug around in her purse and inserted a one-pound coin into the slot, waiting impatiently for the machine to process the menu.
      • The conmen had constructed a full fake metal fascia decorated with bank logos and then put it on the front of the cash machine with slots for the card and for a receipt to be dispensed.
      • You will have to open the PC and find a slot to insert the cards.
      • Police said crooks blocked the slot of cash machines, then noted the pin number by looking over the customer's shoulder.
      • The desktop software that manages the scanner is clunky, and feeding a film strip requires that you insert it into a slot just right.
      • Only when Tiffany shoved a few coins in the machine slot and restarted the aeroplane again did the child shut up.
      • Well you pay for the ticket by inserting coins into a coin slot, and of course, notably the ticket machine does not take notes.
      • I inserted a CD into the insert slot on the machine and it pulled the CD inside.
      • She inserts a piece of metal in to the card slot of the ATM machine, then when the card gets stuck she advises the user to re-enter their pin number while taking note of it herself.
      • He took the two coins with a half grin and inserted them in the slot.
      • Coffee drinkers in luxurious coffee shops may throw a disrespectful or pathetic look on me, one who puts coins in the slot of a coffee machine.
      • It has to be inserted into a slot inside your PC in order to work.
      • He found a quarter with his index finger, picked it up and pushed it into the coin slot on the face of the machine.
      • This user-friendly machine has a tiny slot for inserting the bank-notes and the service provided is free.
      • He banged his head on a coin slot, tore a hole in it the size of a quarter, started bleeding bad and couldn't find anything to plug the hole with but washing powder.
      • Beck watched as Clark reached into his pocket and pulled out a small, thin plastic card, which he inserted into a slot underneath the key.

    • 1.2(groove)

      ranura feminine
      muesca feminine
      • Quickly, she sealed it and without looking dropped it into the slot marked ‘out of town mail.’
      • It's certainly usable, but maybe having slots instead of screw holes for more flexibility when mounting would have been better.
      • When placed into a slot that fits the screw's groove and shape, this allows for rotary motion to be converted into forward or backward motion.
      • It generally requires slotting the card into the AGP port and securing it to the slot via a screw.
      • It is a matter of indifference to the designer of the tool whether particles are trapped within the catcher at the level of the groove or at the level of the slot.
      • The delivery system includes a first modular manifold for internally channeling the high purity fluid streams along seamless slots.
      • Of course, the screw slot is pretty fine, so without a properly fitting screwdriver, there is a real risk of marring things.
      • An undercutter cuts a horizontal slot, or kerf, along the floor of the advancing room to provide a relief for blasting.
      • I looked more closely, and realized that the deep, circular groove in the metal plate that surrounded the slot was more than decorative engraving.
      • The SPD-SL reinforcing plate has a beveled slot, and the thin head of the Campy screw bends a bit to conform.
      • He showed me the particular key to the bureau, which appeared to be quite complicated, as it had four sets of grooves and slots, instead of the average of one.
      • This prevents the screwdriver from climbing out of the screw slot.
      • It's easy to find a bit that fits the screw slot properly.
      • A slot had to be marked out and cut out on the side of the case for the motherboard I / O plate to fit in.
      • Placing the unit in the slot, Nathan replaced the panel and screwed it in just as Sean walked in.
      • He fed the disk into the reader slot, checked to make sure no one had screwed up the settings, and hit go.
      • An accessory pack full of the usual stuff including various screws, stands, slot covers, etc was included.
      • Cut, drill or rout out a slot (as marked by XXX) for 1/2 of the length.
      • They've even used proper PCI slot covers that screw in, so you don't bleed to death from trying to poke out those annoying pressed covers that most cases have.
      • The fence is held fixed by thumbscrews bearing on the top of the guides, rather than by screws passing through the slots of the guides and pressing collars against their bottoms.

  • 2

    • 2.1(job)

      puesto masculine
      plaza feminine
      • The BBC occupies the broadcasting slot which The Guardian occupies in print.
      • Once 15 separate companies offered unique programmes and bartered for airtime and slots.
      • The five shortlisted stories will be broadcast in a late-night slot when readers are judged to be broader-minded than in the afternoon.
      • The subject of no fewer than three slots on television news bulletins on Thursday night, it was an unprecedented achievement for an editor demanding his paper gets talked about.
      • Unfortunately, when it is televised, often it is broadcast during inconvenient time slots.
      • The special edition programme will be broadcast in the regular time slot on BBC ONE in summer 2005.
      • It is listened to by more than 15,000 people every week and the Somali slot will be broadcast from 7.40 to 7.55 pm.
      • In another change from the usual pattern, the lectures will be broadcast in a morning slot at 9.00 am (with a repeat in the evening).
      • Leon's speech was broadcast on news slots on various television channels.
      • An increasing proportion of commentators hardly ever write at all but occupy regular slots on radio or television, often reaching a much wider audience than any author could hope to.
      • Rather than being relegated to Saturday morning kiddie fare, anime often holds a prime time slot on Japanese television and is programmed for adults.
      • There was a spate of complaints in the press recently about cable TV operators assigning Taiwan's three sports broadcasters into unpopular slots.
      • Either way, there are not the big budget regional programmes being produced that sometimes ended up being shown during primetime slots on the network, giving much needed character and variety.
      • Musicians from solo artists to bands are invited to call to book one of the evening slots which will be broadcast from professionally set-up recording studios.
      • For correspondents, the anchor slot became the pinnacle position.
      • This programme was his first bite at a regular broadcast slot, though his function was limited to introducing the panellists and asking the questions.
      • The new series will be filmed in London and is due to go out in a lunchtime slot on BBC ONE.
      • The BBC is to place greater emphasis on foreign affairs programming with the announcement of funding for more commissions, to be broadcast in prime-time slots.
      • Additionally, ITV would be allowed to move the Monday to Thursday bulletin to a later slot on 52 times a year.
      • But it's just a format, the way a magazine or a slot of television time is a format.

    • 2.2Television Radio

      espacio masculine
      the band has a regular slot in that bar el grupo toca regularmente en ese bar

transitive verbslotting, slotted

  • 1

    to slot sth into sth meter / encajar algo en algo
    • Shoppers and commuters in Newbridge could well be slotting their euros in the parking metres as soon as October, according to county council officials.
    • This is what a new £7.4million extension to Bradford Royal Infirmary will look like when the prefabricated sections are slotted together.
    • South Lakeland residents are being urged to slot their coins in the collecting tins of the Royal British Legion to invest in a poppy to wear with pride.
    • Then she tidied the piles of paper and slotted it into the printer trays upside down, so that the next day's printing would be backed with junk.
    • The best outcome would be encouragement of a view of education which placed more emphasis on drawing people out (which is what the Latin educare means) and less on slotting them in to jobs.
  • 2slotted past participle

    slotted screw tornillo de cabeza ranurada masculine
    • slotted spoon espumadera

intransitive verbslotting, slotted

  • 1

    to slot into sth encajar en algo