Translation of slow-witted in Spanish:


corto de entendederas, adj.

Pronunciation /ˌsloʊˈwɪdəd/


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    corto de entendederas informal
    • The girls are portrayed as slow-witted and clueless, with Kendra bearing the brunt of most of the jokes.
    • At first Mahmut is caring but he soon grows impatient with his sometimes slow-witted relative and berates him for his sloppy habits.
    • Kelly is portrayed as a slow witted young man, with a strong sense of injustice, who feels uncomfortable in the role of gunslinger.
    • They refrain from eating turtle meat for fear that this would make their child slow-moving and slow-witted.
    • Should she confess that she did not understand a word said, she would be taken for a slow-witted nut.
    • Should the clever and greedy be permitted to prey on the slow-witted and foolish?
    • I'm pretty slow witted with marketing.
    • The slow-witted criminal of the week is a guy who fled a sobriety checkpoint in New Hampshire after handing over his license and registration.
    • He was slow-witted and scatter-brained.
    • A sweet-tempered, slow-witted teen, the title character doesn't seem very well equipped for life in Kazakhstan.
    • Their speed of thought and elegance of execution made the home side appear slow-witted, but Liverpool should not take it too much to heart.
    • Research shows that slow-witted people generally have more children than those with better brains.
    • Here he plays Dodge, a slow-witted dog handler enlisted by Kramden to train his stray greyhound.
    • Horses are slow-witted, strong, gentle, and loyal.
    • It hulks over a corner of the soccer pitch like a slow-witted big brother, never included in the games played by his smaller relatives.
    • When a mighty predator makes a meal of a slow-witted, defenseless, helpless creature, one can hardly help but cringe.
    • A dunce, according to the dictionary, is "one who is slow-witted or stupid."
    • The girl had to be slow-witted, Mr. Greene decided, and allowed the conversation to end.
    • But Neanderthal man was not as slow-witted as he looked and was in reality as smart as we are, an archaeologist claims.
    • But with proper attention and training even a slow-witted virtual dog can be taught new virtual tricks.