Translation of slowdown in Spanish:


desaceleración, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsləʊdəʊn//ˈsloʊˌdaʊn/


  • 1

    (in industrial activity)
    desaceleración feminine
    ralentización feminine
    • In such years, slowdowns in some countries were offset by growth in others.
    • The Executive blamed the US slowdown and the shake-out in global electronics.
    • Wellington has experienced a 5% drop in median prices, with certain sectors in the Wellington market experiencing slowdowns in sales as well as price drops.
    • Confirmation that the German slowdown is impacting on the labour market quickly followed.
    • So what is it that is largely responsible for the slowdown in the UK?
    • This time last year fears abounded of a slowdown in global growth.
    • If as expected interest rates stay stable over the next couple of years there will be an inevitable slowdown in the housing market.
    • As long as disposable income grows and house prices don't fall in absolute terms, this should be an orderly slowdown.
    • Estimates differ of the magnitude of the slowdown in the second half of 2004 and in the year as whole.
    • There had been growth of five percent of GDP for four years, in spite of the worldwide slowdown.
    • At the same time, in anticipation of a slowdown, businesses retrench and through their actions they produce one.
    • By contrast, when a country handles its slowdowns with shorter workweeks, as soon as demand picks up, employees begin returning to full work schedules.
    • This suggests that the consumer and housing slowdowns reflected more than just the vagaries of the summer weather.
    • He also issued a vague threat regarding trade slowdowns.
    • The tight fiscal situation will severely restrict how much action the government can take to counteract a slowdown.
    • Mr Power said the significant slowdown in the rate of increase in prices is good news for the Irish economy.
    • The slowest ships have been the record companies, who have suffered significant slowdowns in sales over the last few years.
    • Hotels are preparing not only for business slowdowns but for travelers who want to stay as healthy as possible.
    • Although the owner-occupier markets in the cities are still strong, there have been dramatic slowdowns in the buy-to-let sector.
    • However, the group is anticipating an expected slowdown in continental Europe.
    • That's not to say that Chinese companies have not taken a battering because of the global slowdown.
    • In the past during global slowdowns, Britain has come off worst, he said.
    • You know, all previous slowdowns, we were in true deficits, counting all the dollars the government takes in.
    • The overall billings of most agencies have increased rather than decreased after the slowdown.
    • We are seeing some project delays and slowdowns, primarily in smaller companies.
    • There has been a world slowdown in demand, excess production capacity and falling sales prices.
    • The slowdown thus far is modest, managing only to stem the rate of increase.
    • Wong expects to see a slowdown in the second quarter, as the market enters into a consolidation period.
    • John Fogarty doesn't see a slowdown in the demand for housing on the horizon.
  • 2US

    (in workplace disputes)
    trabajo a reglamento masculine
    huelga de celo feminine Spain
    operación tortuga feminine Colombia