Translation of sluggish in Spanish:


lento, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈslʌɡɪʃ//ˈsləɡɪʃ/


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    (stream/river) de aguas mansas
    the car's very sluggish el coche no está respondiendo bien
    • the drug makes you feel sluggish el fármaco te aletarga
    • Cape clawless otters spend most of their active time in water - especially in quiet ponds, marshes, and sluggish type streams.
    • What was once a sluggish, silted and overgrown stream has been transformed into a gushing torrent thanks to the hard work of a conservation team.
    • Blood stasis is a condition in which the flow of blood in the veins has become sluggish and slow.
    • However, the sluggish progress of the monsoon and the rising inflation rate as a result of higher crude oil prices has stemmed the possibility of a runaway rally.
    • Sand tigers are strong but slow moving relatively sluggish sharks that spend most of their time near the bottom looking for food.
    • Anywhere a track runs down to the shore will do; park the car and watch egrets flapping lazily across the fat and sluggish stream.
    • The lake was a bit more than a mile from the nearest road: not wilderness exactly, but a very long way to hurry over a rough track with a rucksack on your back containing fifty litres of water and a dozen sluggish trout.
    • This sluggish growth will impede the creation of job opportunities, while skyrocketing inflation will definitely decrease people's real incomes.
    • After that, for most of the year, the river in Delhi is a sluggish stream of pure sewage.
    • The win was made all the more important after UW endured a somewhat sluggish start to the season, falling in their season opener against Windsor earlier this month.
    • I always wondered why no one crossed via the Rio Grande, a sluggish stream when I passed over it.
    • The river is generally slow and sluggish, the only reasonable chance of success being with a spinner to give the lure some life.
    • The flow in the Ilam Stream has tended to become very sluggish in dry seasons.
    • New day, same old story - that's the opinion of most motorists who drive through Newry to work or on school runs as they patiently sit in sluggish traffic jams.
    • As you're standing on the Willare or Fitzroy bridges and watching the brown water surge past it's amazing to think that by October it'll be back to a tame sluggish river.
    • The sound of gunfire here in the rolling landscape of northeast France, with the River Some flowing its sluggish course five miles to the south, held an irony we could well appreciate.
    • The saturation of the filter elements and the transducer cavity is a very important step to avoid a slow and sluggish pore water pressure response.
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    (growth) lento
    (market) inactivo
    (economy) deprimido