Translation of slum in Spanish:


barrio bajo, n.

Pronunciation: /slʌm//sləm/


  • 1

    (poor urban area)
    barrio bajo masculine
    barriada feminine Latin America Southern Cone
    barrio de conventillos masculine Southern Cone
    before noun slum dweller barriobajera feminine
    • slum dwelling tugurio
    • Therefore, I will ensure that urban poor living in slums will get better amenities.
    • In his later articles, Brown increasingly referred to the urban problems of slums, blighted areas and suburban sprawl.
    • As well as this lack of opportunity, there seems to be so much violence in the ghettos, in the slums, the project areas, where most of the immigrants have to live.
    • But these young people are choosing to live in the world's most destitute urban slums, among the poorest of the poor.
    • The appalling social situation in Iran has been highlighted by recent reports of protest marches in working class urban areas and slum districts.
    • However, there is still a large segment of the population which lives in urban slums and poor rural areas without electricity or running water.
    • The focus should be on rural areas and urban slums, where illiteracy and poor hygiene will have to be tackled.
    • In the majority world many rural people buy and sell in the urban centres as well, and increasingly are being forced to move into urban areas-often into slums or ghettos.
    • It is like an inner-city slum and the street cleaning leaves a lot to be desired.
    • As you can see, the Red Party has a lot of natural support in inner city slum areas like this.
    • She ended up living and working with Hong Kong's most despised and poorest inhabitants in a slum known as the Walled City.
    • The plague was only finally brought under control in 1666 when the Great Fire of London burned down the areas most affected by plague - the city slums inhabited by the poor.
    • The Trust introduced on April 1 a mobile dispensary which will make rounds of slums and localities inhabited by poor sections of society to provide free medical treatment.
    • As recent experience has shown, what it does do is increase the gap between rich and poor, pulling vast numbers of people away from the land into squalid urban slums.
    • Begun in April 2003, it is a non-profit organisation with a mission to unleash the potential of the slum, street and orphaned children of urban India.
    • As part of the activities of the trust we have started free classes for girl students from local government schools from a nearby slum who come from poor families.
    • There is also a primary school at the premises run by the committee for the poor and slum dwellers in the locality.
    • In-between each of these districts are the slums, where the poor and destitute mope, hating their lives.
    • Its control of poor slum areas and inner cities resulted from the chaos that was brought about by the occupation; it was not itself the cause of the chaos.
    • According to Richard Franceys, putting water supply on a commercial basis has meant more money to connect the very poorest people in the slums and shanty towns.
    • Its cities combine modern skyscrapers, suburban houses, and impoverished slums.
    • It is in fact, a concrete jungle where towering high-rises, slums and resplendent Gothic buildings lie next to each other.
    • By-law violations that turn residential buildings into slums are not the only matters the municipal courts will be dealing with.
    • Many city dwellers live in slums and tenement buildings
    • It made my dorm building look like a slum, that was for sure.
    • The best home the family of seven can afford is this wood shack in a slum.
    • Most poor Hindu women had no inhibitions about working, whether they lived in slums or tenements.
    • It is reasonable to argue that we should not be building today houses that are thermal slums; too cold in winter and too hot in summer.
    • Too many buses are slums on wheels - services provided by people who do not use them for people that they do not care about.
    • Blunkett's conclusion was that ‘if you live in a slum in a high-rise building and you are on your own with three children, the idea of liberty and freedom means nothing’.
    • These houses are not slums - Prescott is currently paying up to £200,000 per house - in order to demolish them.
    • The area, just five minutes drive south from the luxury dockland apartments and gleaming office blocks in Leeds city centre, is now a mixture of decent semi-detached family houses and rundown terrace slums.
    • Historic houses were being labelled slums just because they were old.
    • But ironically the former slum houses are now sought-after properties following regeneration and the flats have become increasingly unpopular with residents.
    • Steve told Tim it's best to avoid buying glamorous houses, and slums.
    • Three decades on these houses are slums to be demolished and the greenway, as described in your article, is a vandalised yobs' playground full of litter and burned-out cars.
    • I think that we will live here for maybe 12 months and then move elsewhere leaving the house as a slum and make a start again a little further down the road.
    • What we are building are the slums of the future.
    • Or we will end up building mansions in the midst of slums."
    • Have they looked at the social consequences of building tomorrow's slums today and what provisions are being put in place to deal with these in the long term?
  • 2informal, derogatory

    (filthy place)
    pocilga feminine
    chiquero masculine Latin America

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to go slumming visitar los barrios bajos (/ las barriadas etc. )

transitive verb

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    to slum it vivir a lo pobre