Translation of slurp in Spanish:


sorber, v.

Pronunciation /sləːp//slərp/

transitive verb

  • 1

    (haciendo ruido) sorber
    don't slurp your milk like that! ¡bébete la leche sin hacer ruido!
    • She slurped her tea as loud as she could, blew on her sandwich, although it wasn't hot, and slouched in her chair.
    • Listening to Gerry slurping his drink from an oversized glass or sticking out his chin and puckering his lips didn't do anything for me.
    • Once we finished slurping our drinks and chomping down on pizza, we laughed hysterically at the guys' jokes and stories.
    • I'm sitting here scratching and slurping tea listening to Libby Purves.
    • These pigs usually compound the offense by slurping their drinks.
    • Mom lectured as she snatched Jason's drink and began slurping it up.
    • They finished off the week slurping fruit smoothies and eating healthy biscuits they made themselves.
    • They were both silent, Jake drank some of his chocolate, slurping it into his mouth.
    • One was Mr. Rao slurping a double sundae and the other was Ms. Rao tucking into a large bowl of strawberries and cream.
    • As she slurped water noisily, I put her leash back in the drawer.
    • He is watching back-to-back videos and slurping his mug of tea.
    • When the waitress returned with everybody else's drinks, Jason snatched the white cappuccino mug and noisily slurped the foam beginning to overflow atop the glass.
    • The point is that if you have had the pleasure of slurping a frostie, you know that they are pretty damn thick.
    • Before I knew it, I was happily slurping my delicious pea and mint soup one-handed, left arm hooked blissfully over banister.
    • A friend of mine called them slurpers, because their only job appeared to be slurping tea and coffee.
    • I was slurping minestrone soup at an Italian restaurant, laughing with a friend, when her cell phone rang.
    • Moments later I was slurping a mug of good hot coffee and relating the journey.
    • The last thing I remember before I drifted off to sleep was the annoying slurping noise of him sucking on his thumb.
    • Ko-chin looked curiously at Molly who was noisily slurping her soda.
    • Now I'm washing out of a bucket of water, slurping my tea and arguing with rickshaw drivers.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    hacer ruido al beber


  • 1

    sorbetón masculine