Translation of small arms in Spanish:

small arms

armas de bajo calibre, n.

plural noun

  • 1

    armas de bajo calibre
    • The passenger acts as the shooter and has used weapons such as grenades, RPGs and small arms.
    • The illegal trade in small arms and light weapons has been identified by the UN as one of the world's greatest challenges.
    • One army patrol opened fire with small arms and machine guns, forcing the rebels to flee toward the second.
    • He then dashed through a hail of small arms and exploding hand grenades to abort a breach of the main gate.
    • The Russian armies, like all the others, rapidly ran out of ammunition - and not only ammunition but guns and even small arms.
    • The campaign aims to raise awareness that there are currently around 639 million small arms and light weapons in the world today.
    • He said that there had been no discernible decline in sporadic artillery shelling or small arms fire.
    • We were also under heavy fire from mortars and small arms.
    • I examined the assortment of small arms, grenades and bayonets used in hand-to-hand encounters.
    • Helicopter crews drew almost continuous fire from small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.
    • They were equipped with only small arms; no match for the convoy's recoiless rifle and heavy machine guns.
    • Warfare is the next step with the powers of hot gas being harnessed to fire projectiles from cannons or small arms.
    • These small arms also hindered the fast clearing of fields of fire in thick vegetation.
    • They were well equipped with Russian small arms, artillery, armor, and fighter planes.
    • Rosenthal will show the latest in rifles, small arms and ammunition and there will even be an exhibition of live stud animals.
    • Insurgents opened fire from all around with small arms and rocket-propelled grenades.
    • The enemy met descending paratroopers with heavy small arms and machinegun fire.
    • At first, it was just small arms but the big guns and mortars started shooting as the afternoon wore on.
    • It will address the increasing threat to human security from the spread of small arms, light weapons and their illegal trade.
    • This specialisation included small arms and light weapons, armoured vehicles, and electronics.