Translation of small change in Spanish:

small change

cambio, n.


  • 1

    cambio masculine
    suelto masculine
    dinero suelto masculine
    sencillo masculine Latin America
    feria feminine Mexico informal
    • Our sources agree that the wealthy citizens of Athens conducted their business in minae, and that in these circles a drachma was small change.
    • Okay, that's small change compared with the billions involved in electronics exports, and a theme park doesn't exactly mesh with ambitions of a high-tech future.
    • All the same, the dollars the consumer sector is losing at the pump are small change compared to inflating home equity (coupled with rising incomes).
    • But the estimated £8m spent by the government on its defence team is small change compared with the cost to the UK and US governments on the trial and appeal.
    • In the scheme of things, that's small change compared to the $1 billion the NIH has estimated will be needed to cure Parkinson's.
    • But that's small change to the former CEO, who's rumoured to be hanging out for $20 million.
    • If one adds the $3 billion to $5 billion cost of a $30 to $50 tax cut for the average worker, one sees that it is small change.
    • This being said, revenues related to online gaming have been, to date, negligible, but this may be small change if online gaming really takes off.
    • But that is small change when compared with the money, jobs and business opportunities that could be generated within if the mine goes into production.
    • That the women's cricket team now has a sponsor - even it if is a stereotypical women's product, jewellery, is small change compared to the level of support for the men's team.
    • But that is small change compared to the leader of Milton Keynes council, who takes more than £32,000.
    • But this was small change when compared to the pay taken in by the top executives.
    • This is small change compared to the devastation caused to friends and family by the loss of their loved ones.
    • The £150,000 cost of replacing it seems small change compared to the 1986 total expenditure but given the extra pressures on council cash in 2003 it is still a tidy sum of money.
    • That's small change compared to the interruptions facing today's superstars.
    • Smaller companies have lower cost bases, and they are more likely to be able to get value from 10-million-barrel fields which would represent small change to the majors.
    • But this spending is small change in a world of $90-million contracts.
    • That's small change compared with the $5 billion it estimates will be paid out in compensation over coming decades.
    • The precise size of the world economy may not matter much from a policy point of view, though a $14 trillion difference is hardly small change.
    • US $25 million is but a small change compared to some of the oil contracts we've handled in the past, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.