Translation of smash in Spanish:


estrépito, n.

Pronunciation /smæʃ//smaʃ/


  • 1

    • 1.1(sound)

      estrépito masculine
      estruendo masculine
      there was a loud smash as he dropped the plates los platos se le cayeron con gran estrépito
      • the smash of the waves on the rocks el ruido de las olas al romper contra las rocas
      • Her neighbour heard a smash and ran out to see the boys running away from his car, the window was smashed.
      • Miss Ul Haq said she heard a smash, Mr Derbyshire ran into the pub and Syed was in shock.
      • Shrugging Antonio started to walk by the room when he heard the smash of something that sounded like glass.
      • There was a fast drop in temperature, a creaking sound echoed throughout the room, and then a smash.
      • The sudden smash of something glass forewarned he was returning past the bathroom.
      • Then, I heard the smash of someone breaking the small pane of glass next to the door.
      • Miss Ul Haq said Syed put his hands up to protect himself, she heard a smash and Mr Derbsyhire ran into the pub.
      • Victor braced himself, ducked and leaped to the ogre's side as the hammer crashed into the ground with a loud smash.
      • The truck did a quick roll and landed with a crashing smash onto its side.
      • Any humour in the retreat was abruptly shattered by the loud smash of a plate glass window by an excitable ram who was wilfully battering his head into it.

    • 1.2British (collision)

      choque masculine
      • The accident rate on the Ipswich Motorway is so bad that motorists using the road have up to a 50/50 chance of being delayed because of a smash on any given day.
      • Neither of the friends was wearing a seat belt and they could have been watching a dashboard DVD system when the smash took place, an inquest heard.
      • Police said the car was forced on to its side by the impact of the smash, but the driver made off when the vehicle fell back onto four wheels.
      • A woman lies trapped in an upturned station wagon, numb from the impact of a car smash.
      • A call has been made for a complete overhaul of school transport safety after more than 50 children were involved in a horror smash on Friday afternoon.
      • She was involved in a horrific smash, crashing into two cars which had already been involved in an accident.
      • Friends of a teenager who died in a car smash have called on the driver, who disappeared after the accident, to give himself up.
      • Two men had a miracle escape after surviving a smash which turned a car into a fireball
      • A Chapmanslade motorist lost control of his van in a snowstorm moments before he was killed in a head-on smash, an inquest heard on Monday.
      • There is going to be a smash; it's too late to avoid it; let the other lot stay in the driver's seat for now.
      • This Friday we go straight to the train smash in New South Wales.
      • Crashes can often be predicted long before the eventual smash.
      • The worst crash in the Western Bay in 17 months claimed the lives of three men in a head-on smash near Te Puke yesterday.
      • In a separate accident two women were fighting for their lives in hospital after their car collided with another vehicle in a head-on smash in Rochdale.
      • There was a smash on the motorway this morning and so there was a lengthy delay.
      • A driver has died after a horror smash in which his car careered off a quiet country road.
      • The father-of-two was killed on June 10 in a smash with another vehicle when he was driving to Denver airport.
      • And if you think about it, what makes up the cost of motor premiums is the cost of fixing smashes, and the cost of parts keeps going up because a lot of them are imported, the exchange rate impacts on that.
      • If we had capsized we would have had to survive the impact of a car smash, get out, and then get to the boat.
      • A MAN has been arrested on suspicion of causing death by dangerous driving after two people died and a third was seriously injured in a car smash.

  • 2

    • 2.1(blow)

      golpe masculine
      I gave him a smash on the jaw with my fist le di un puñetazo en la mandíbula
      • The Duke took this as a good sign and attempted to walk around the Marvel once more and was met for his troubles with a forearm smash to the chest that almost knocked him off his feet.
      • So we may look forward once again to the forearm smash being deployed at the line-out by the master of that particular black art.
      • Playoffs hockey can be blunt, like a forearm smash to the chin.
      • A forearm smash from Richard Morales earned him an instant red.
      • Players get launched into the air, take forearm smashes, and land with such force, gamers will grimace for weeks at the wreck of bodies left in its wake.

    • 2.2(in tennis, badminton, squash)

      smash masculine
      remate masculine
      remache masculine
      • Henman attacks Sanchez's serve from the outset and gets the first break of the match with a chip and charge, a deft volley and an impressive smash.
      • After some long serving from Christine Dunne and a great smash from Aodainn Crowe, the sides were level at 10-10.
      • In tennis, there is the forehand, the backhand, the overhead smash and the drop volley, all with a different grip.
      • A smash in badminton is more like a punch in boxing than a smash in tennis.
      • The second-youngest of IG Made Sumandra and Asni Anggraini's four children said that she preferred using rallies and lobs to make up for her powerless smashes in winning a point.

  • 3informal

    exitazo masculine informal
    her latest single is a smash su último disco es un exitazo informal
    • The show was such a smash in London that Mendes revived it in Manhattan in 1998 where it became a phenomenon.
    • A smash hit at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Head Games transfers to the Oval House Theatre, from Wednesday, February 12.
    • The ad, for John Smith's bitter, sees Kay return to his table with a tray of drinks in a packed nightclub as the crooner performs his smash hit Release Me.
    • The brothers danced together in the smash Broadway revue Eubie! in 1978 and again on the big screen in Cotton Club.
    • Two years later, the show was a smash; it introduced dance crazes like the Bunny Hop, and Horn had received an award from TV Guide.
    • Buster Poindexter released his cover version three years later, which went on to become an international smash.
    • Supported by innovative marketing, the film was a smash hit.
    • The film was a smash hit and the dancers have high hopes that the ballet version of the drama will repeat that success in China.
    • Jonathan Antin is the face of the smash Bravo series ‘Blow Out’ and the name behind a line of hair care products.
    • The smash hit disco film is to finish a 17-week run at Studio 1 and 2.
    • It has been a dance-floor smash ever since Tall Paul dropped the track last year at London's super club Turnmills.
    • The London production of The Producers - starring Nathan Lane on short notice - seems to be a smash.
    • The consequence, as you might surmise, was an impressive series of financial smashes in my early twenties.
    • There's a new movie based on a hit Broadway play that was based on an earlier movie about a Broadway play that's supposed to flop, but it's an unexpected smash.
    • Felim is best known for his part as actor and musician on the smash hit film ‘The Commitments’.
    • Though the film was not a smash hit during its theatrical run, I believe it will garner a vast and appreciative audience on DVD.
    • Various songs could make huge singles, but ‘Girl’ in particular, a rolling guitar rave as ode to summer, looks like a viable smash.
    • When he auditioned he did not realise until later that the backing track he had recorded at the audition was the smash hit Lola.
    • The film was a smash hit, garnering nine Academy Award nominations, including one for Best Picture.
    • That the film has been a smash hit in its homeland Sweden only proves that its characterisations are rock solid.
    • Gerry Rafferty - he of the 1970s smash Baker Street - is selling up in the town before he has even moved in.

transitive verb

  • 1

    (furniture) romper
    (furniture) destrozar
    (car) destrozar
    (glass) romper
    (into small pieces) hacer añicos
  • 2

    (revolution/rebellion) aplastar
    (rebellion/revolution) sofocar
    (drug racket/spy ring) acabar con
    (spy ring/drug racket) desarticular
    (hopes/illusions) echar por tierra
    (hopes/illusions) destruir
    smash racism! ¡abajo el racismo!
    • he smashed the world record batió / rompió el record mundial
  • 3

    (hit, drive forcefully)
    he smashed his fist into my face me pegó un puñetazo en la cara
    • I smashed my fist through the window rompí la ventana de un puñetazo
  • 4

    (in tennis, badminton, squash)

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (wood/glass) hacerse pedazos
    it smashed into a thousand pieces se hizo añicos
  • 2

    to smash against / into sth estrellarse / chocar contra algo
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