Translation of smattering in Spanish:


nociones, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsmatərɪŋ//ˈsmædərɪŋ/


  • 1

    (slight knowledge)
    nociones feminine
    conocimientos rudimentarios masculine
    I have a smattering of German chapurreo el alemán informal
    • The entire trip, spanning a period of 118 days, enabled the couple to pick up a smattering of local languages wherever they went.
    • With an aptitude for languages and a smattering of Italian, she'd chatter away to people, gradually getting the hang of the Liguarian dialect.
    • He could speak a smattering of Maori, or pidgin Maori, where the language is broken down and simplified, so he was given the job of interpreter.
    • That our small group seemed to be the only foreigners - with barely a smattering of the language between us - in a sea of Russians mattered not at all.
    • He has a smattering of Arabic, and has knowledge of the way the Islamic people in the Gulf States and the surrounding areas act and react.
  • 2

    (small amount)
    there's a smattering of humor in the play hay una pizca de humor en la obra
    • there was a smattering of applause hubo algunos aplausos