Translation of smell in Spanish:


olor, n.

Pronunciation /smɛl//smɛl/


  • 1

    olor masculine
    a nice smell un olor agradable / un buen olor
    • an unpleasant smell un olor desagradable
    • these roses have no smell estas rosas no tienen perfume
    • there's a strong smell of garlic/burning in here huele mucho a ajo/a quemado
    • this cheese has a funny smell este queso huele raro / tiene un olor raro
    • there's a smell of defeat in the air el derrotismo se respira en el aire
    • the sweet smell of success la seducción del éxito
    • Today's the day for refuse collection where I live, and the miasma of smells and stench from the bins was like wading through a marsh this morning.
    • As I opened the door to the kitchen, the wonderful smells of Christmas baking met my nose, and I wanted just to sit down and enjoy it for hours on end.
    • As we were driving down these terrible, lumpy, unlit streets we were constantly catching whiffs of different smells.
    • He said the new silo would not affect the smells and odours from the premises, since it would be enclosed and would not alter the processes taking place at the plant.
    • The smells of coffee and frying bacon teased his appetite as he looked around studying the scene.
    • American breakfasts are a combination of all of the above: simple food, wholesome ingredients, frying, baking, sweet and savoury divine smells and lots of it.
    • And then, before I could get to working out another approach to the opening, rich fruity baking smells came wafting along from the kitchen and my working day was done.
    • It's full of the most wonderful sights and smells - stalls with cheap but high quality vegetables, meats and breads.
    • Tara's nose tuned into smell of breakfast and decided to go downstairs to get a bite to eat.
    • I felt the cold ocean breeze blow across my face, filling my nose with the salty smell of the ocean.
    • I followed Shelia into the large kitchen; the smells made me hungry!
    • The air filled with the fragrant smells of the meadow.
    • The workshop was full of the smells of freshly brewed coffee, hot metal and scorched cloth.
    • Christmas morning came with the smells of pine from candles and coffee in the kitchen.
    • Sitting in the verandah, the separate smells of tomatoes, lemons and gourd reach me, and I know I will smell them again in my memory.
    • Putrid smells of raw sewage and burning garbage become acceptable after being exposed to these foul scents for a long enough time.
    • He followed me up the stairs into the lit up kitchen where the smells from dinner were still lingering.
    • Some people have hypersensitive skin and are allergic to various pollen, fragrant smells and sunlight.
    • You can fry these a little in advance if you really do not want oily smells lingering.
    • The restaurant itself came with the scents and smells of peppers and other spices.
  • 2informal

    to have / take a smell at / of sth tomarle el olor a algo Latin America
    • get a smell of that cheese! ¡cómo apesta ese queso!
    • He had a smell of the rose, it had a lovely perfume.
    • I love citrus -- but the first time I sprayed this on a card and took a smell I almost passed out. It is STRONG in the first few minutes.
  • 3

    (sense of smell)
    olfato masculine
    a keen/good sense of smell un fino/buen (sentido del) olfato
    • It's hard to breathe, your nose drips constantly and your sense of smell just isn't what it used to be.
    • All anteaters have an excellent sense of smell; sight and hearing are not as well developed.
    • The patient should be asked about the use of tobacco or cocaine, because these substances can adversely affect the sense of smell.
    • Hummingbirds don't have much sense of smell, so the scent of the herbs won't deter them from seeking nectar from their blossoms.
    • These animals track their prey using their excellent sense of smell, eyesight, and hearing.
    • Some women find that they have an enhanced sense of smell and are more sensitive to odors during pregnancy.
    • Wild cats have a well developed sense of smell and hearing.
    • Because dogs have a very high sense of smell, they were able to detect minute quantities of the organic compounds produced by tumors.
    • Smoking can also affect your breathing, taste and sense of smell.
    • She loved her sharp sense of hearing, her sharp sense of smell, her sharp vision, and her sharp claws.
    • Parkinson's disease or Alzheimer's disease can make people lose their sense of smell.
    • On the day of the test none of the subjects reported to be suffering from nasal congestion or any other symptom thought to affect their sense of smell.
    • Advancing age is also associated with a decrease in the basal metabolic rate, as well as changes in the senses of taste and smell.
    • Cigarette smoking by itself does not cause complete loss of the sense of smell.
    • Yes, lobsters' small antennae work like the human nose, only the crustaceans' sense of smell is keener.
    • Humans may have two nostrils, but these don't necessarily share the same sense of smell.
    • In order to perceive the smell of a grapefruit, our sense of smell only requires just two molecules, the chemical eye needs hundreds if not thousands to stick to its gold chips.
    • According to a recent report in Nature, differing airflow in the right and left nostrils results in different perceptions of smell.
    • Deer are extremely cautious animals with keen senses of smell and hearing.
    • But if you're eating leaves, smell becomes less important than vision.

transitive verb

  • 1

    I can smell freshly baked bread huele a pan recién hecho
    • we could smell burning olía a quemado
  • 2

    (sniff at)
    (person) oler
    (animal) olfatear
    the dog smelled my shoes el perro me olfateó los zapatos
  • 3

    to smell danger olfatear el peligro
    • she can smell trouble a mile off se huele los problemas desde lejos

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (give off odor)
    that smells good! ¡qué bien huele!
    • it smells strong/delicious tiene un olor muy fuerte/un olor delicioso
    • it smells off tiene olor a podrido
    • it smells in here ¡qué mal olor hay aquí!
    • your breath smells tienes mal aliento
    • his feet smell le huelen los pies
    • he smells! huele mal
    • frankly, this whole business smells este asunto huele mal
    • her perfume smells like roses su perfume huele a rosas / tiene olor a rosas
    • to smell of sth oler a algo
    • the room smelled of damp la habitación olía a humedad
    • they smell of money están forrados (de dinero)
  • 2

    (person) oler
    (animal) olfatear
  • 3

    I can't smell: I've got a cold no huelo nada, estoy resfriado