Translation of smelling salts in Spanish:

smelling salts

sales (aromáticas), n.

Pronunciation /ˈsmɛlɪŋ ˌsɔlts//ˈsmɛlɪŋ sɔːlts/

plural noun

  • 1

    sales (aromáticas) feminine
    • With a sputtering cough, Cyrus was jerked back into consciousness, the acrid ammonia fumes of the smelling salts under his nose doing their job.
    • Kodi's eyes snapped open as he fell into a coughing fit caused by the ammonia in the smelling salts.
    • She took a deep sniff of her smelling salts. ‘I've been worried sick!’
    • Alex was waving some smelling salts in front of her face.
    • Several maids were trying to revive her with smelling salts.