Translation of smog in Spanish:


smog, n.

Pronunciation /smɑɡ//smɔɡ//smɒɡ/


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    smog masculine
    niebla tóxica feminine
    • As a source of smog and a severe global warming aggravator, coal is still king.
    • If there is a quantity of smoke or other airborne pollutant particles present, it is known as smog.
    • Lavanya cannot believe our clear atmosphere after London smog and fog, the huge horizon and the sunsets.
    • Ethanol has also been found to contribute to smog in arid climate due to its volatile nature.
    • In the city the snow had long lost its Persil whiteness, and seemed bruised by the dirt and smog that seeps into everything here sooner or later.
    • The clouds of smog and smoke did block out a good bit of the sun, meaning it shouldn't be too hot for travel.
    • The size and shape of the various buildings can also affect wind patterns, causing perfect conditions for smog to occur.
    • Exhaust fumes from cars and factories make for a toxic, suffocating smog that hangs over the city.
    • Since sunlight and heat are precursors of smog, the hot weather makes air pollution worse.
    • The Bay of Naples is still breathtaking if you can see it through the smog and the smoke from Vesuvio.
    • Mowing a lawn for half an hour with a gasoline engine makes as much smog as driving a new car 170 miles.
    • In the Green, not the smell of cut grass and flowers, but rather the stink of traffic smog and semi stagnant water in the pond.
    • All I remember in the air in 1977 was smog from all the coal-burning chimneys.
    • He looked up at the sky, but the clouds and smog obstructed the view of the stars.
    • The infamous London smog is an example of extreme air pollution.
    • As I look out of my window now, I see a layer of thick smog clinging to the buildings around the city.
    • The rain has a way of cleaning the dust and smog out of the air making things appear especially vivid and clear.
    • And when the heat has nowhere to go it reacts with pollutants, such as car fumes, to cause smog.
    • Cars and trucks are major contributors to smog which is a serious health problem in Central and Eastern Canada.
    • People in Tanzania cook using firewood at home with smog around them.