Translation of smoke in Spanish:


humo, n.

Pronunciation /smoʊk//sməʊk/


  • 1

    • 1.1(from fire)

      humo masculine
      the smoke-filled room la habitación llena / cargada de humo
      • to go up in smoke quedar en agua de borrajas
      • there's no smoke without fire, where there's smoke there's fire cuando el río suena ... (agua trae)
      • before noun smoke blue azul grisáceo
      • smoke gray gris humo
      • They had all been sitting around, not doing much, some of the members were smoking cigarettes and the smoke was filling up the room.
      • Five men were led to safety from the upstairs of an Indian restaurant to save them from thick smoke pouring from a burning extractor unit.
      • Sid's shook his head, causing the smoke from the cigarette dangling from the corner of his mouth to float up into his eyes.
      • He said the large volume of smoke was caused by burning tar.
      • A thin, twisting and curling column of smoke emitted from the end of the rolled white paper, which hid the dried and crushed marijuana within it.
      • By then the fire flared again melting a fire hose and sending thick, black smoke billowing from the burning building.
      • When she reaches the end of the stage, billows of smoke emit from the dragons' mouths, and the audience oohs and aahs.
      • When Mr Glister opened the back door to the club he was met by intense heat and thick smoke from his burning car.
      • Those averse to cigarette or cigar smoke may be floored by the cloud of nicotine in the downstairs bar.
      • Cigarette smoke not only causes cancer and asthma but causes the skin to lose its elasticity, hence wrinkles around the mouth.
      • A regular smoker says that the cigar smoke has to be savoured by rolling in the mouth rather than inhaling it.
      • The higher priced candles are often made with lead-free wicks, which eliminates the problem of smoke and carbon buildup.
      • Choking acrid smoke from the burning building engulfed nearby streets and flames could be seen leaping high into the sky.
      • Instead, the gun emitted a cloud of smoke and grew hot.
      • It showed the burning house with thick smoke all around it.
      • Cigarette smoke and nicotine cause the heart rate to raise by 15 to 25 beats per minute.
      • Owners were given until 1 July 1910 to service their vehicles to ensure that the machines did emit dense smoke.
      • The smoke from the cigar dissipated into the atmosphere of the room as he exhaled.
      • The blue-gray smoke of cigars thickened the already thick air.
      • Cigarette smoke contains a range of xenobiotics, including oxidants and free radicals that can increase lipid peroxidation.

    • 1.2British (London)

      the Smoke Londres

  • 2

    • 2.1informal (cigarette)

      cigarrillo masculine
      pitillo masculine
      pucho masculine Latin America informal
      • "I came to smoke and talk with my cousin," said Slim Coyote, "so give me a smoke while I'm waiting. He won't mind, he's my cousin."
      • The smokes are made with tobacco specially processed to reduce nitrosamines, among the most abundant and powerful toxin in cigarettes.
      • Expect quiet here today, as I'm off to The Smoke for the day.
      • As you know I had high hopes for this trip to the Smoke.
      • In the morning I: grab my smokes and coffee and turn on my computer.
      • Apparently you can get an illegal handgun down in the Smoke for as little as 2-300.
      • Another of Hels's friends has just got a good new job close to home, so will no longer need to commute to The Smoke each day.
      • I heard a voice say hey youngfella, have you got a smoke. I gave him one and we start talking. I ask him how long he has been here.
      • Thursday was a evening of packing and prep for my trip to the Smoke.
      • Chandler pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit his smoke, after leaning me against the building so I didn't fall over.

    • 2.2(act)

      to have a smoke fumarse un cigarrillo
      • I must have a smoke me muero por fumarme un cigarrillo
      • He says that he'd like one of his cigarettes for a smoke, then runs and smashes his hand through the window and gets a carton.
      • Although I was trying to quit smoking, the beer gave me a bad craving and when Mike went for a smoke, I followed and asked to bum one.
      • Plus, when he went outside the apartment to take a quick smoke, he just looked like those fathers on the 50's sitcoms.
      • I found him some tobacco and he had a smoke outside and we drank tea.

    • 2.3slang (marijuana)

      maría feminine slang
      hierba feminine slang
      mota feminine Mexico Central America slang

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (person) fumar
    do you smoke? ¿fumas?
    • do you mind if I smoke? ¿te molesta que fume / si fumo?
  • 2

    (give off smoke)
    echar humo
    the fire was still smoking todavía salía humo de la hoguera
    • the chimney was smoking in the distance se veía a lo lejos el humo de la chimenea
    • that wood is smoking badly esa madera echa mucho humo

transitive verb

  • 1

    (tobacco/cigarettes) fumar
    I smoke ten a day (me) fumo diez al día
    • he smokes a pipe fuma en pipa
    • do you mind if I smoke my pipe? ¿te molesta si enciendo la pipa?
  • 2

    (meat/fish/cheese) ahumar