Translation of smoke bomb in Spanish:

smoke bomb

bomba de humo, n.

Pronunciation ///ˈsmoʊk ˌbɑm/


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    bomba de humo feminine
    • Finally, the old Forum was evacuated by a smoke bomb, but the mayhem continued outside, where a path of destruction included overturned cars and smashed storefront windows and small fires.
    • Siderov is supported by the Bulgarian Agricultural Party of Yani Yanev, also known as the ‘smoke bomb’ for having thrown a smoke bomb at a meeting of UDF a couple of weeks ago.
    • Officers found numerous items including masks, spray paint, two pairs of scissors, five shields and a smoke bomb and determined that the protesters posed ‘a real risk of a breach of the peace’.
    • The police's counsel Simon Freeland said body armour, masks, spray paint, and two pairs of scissors a smoke bomb and five shields were seized from the coaches, hardly tally with a peaceful protest.
    • Animal rights activists were apparently responsible for setting of a smoke bomb in a downtown Seattle office building that caused the entire 27-store building to be evacuated.