Translation of smoothie in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsmuði//ˈsmuːði/


  • 1informal, derogatory

    individuo de mucha labia, de modales muy pulidos y/o muy atildado en el vestir
    • I'm so used to seeing a smoothie in a smart suit, it took a second to identify the casually - dressed bloke sporting a badgery goatee and swinging a scooter helmet.
    • No doubt George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan and other smoothies will pester their agents to get the part, while old-timers like Omar Sharif might see it as a suitable way to round off a long career.
    • So this centre offers the delicious prospect of a group of Tories, backed by the realistic and Labour-voting working class, in passionate opposition to the irresponsible metropolitan smoothies within their own party.
    • The best smoothie since Sinatra croons his way through favourites such as ‘I Left My Heart in San Francisco’, plus the usual Ellington and Gershwin numbers.
    • He was a suave smoothie who sang about relationships with a mixture of wisdom and regret.
  • 2

    (fruit drink)
    smoothie masculine
    • It is fully equipped to make ice cream drinks, frozen fruit smoothies and coffee drinks.
    • Since we had 40 minutes to spare before dinner, we went to a Vienna Beef shack not far from the campus, and enjoyed strawberry and banana smoothies that really cooled us off in the balmy early spring evening.
    • The full range of smoothies, thickies and yoghurts have now reached supermarket shelves, building sales to £35m.
    • I went round to my 80-year old neighbour's last year, and threw out all her gin bottles and filled her fridge with organic smoothies, much better for her really.
    • I had lunch in Cafe 1001, great for people-watching and toasted focaccia sandwiches, but my cherry smoothie tasted mostly and strangely of banana.