Translation of snake in Spanish:


culebra, n.

Pronunciation /sneɪk//sneɪk/


  • 1

    culebra feminine
    serpiente feminine
    (poisonous) víbora feminine
    • Even though I've been bitten by a snake, I still like snakes.
    • I winced, expecting him to crush the snakes, or the cobras to bite him, or both of those things to happen at once.
    • Although venomous snakes can sometimes deliver a ‘dry’ bite without releasing their poison, all bites require immediate hospital treatment.
    • One of the world's largest snakes, the python is a popular pet snake.
    • Even though he knows better, he has no qualms or reservations about putting his face two inches away from some of the most venomous snakes on the planet.
    • The copperhead, a venomous snake, is dangerous, but its bite is rarely life-threatening to healthy adult humans.
    • Unlike most other snakes, boa constrictors possess small vestigial hind legs.
    • Prey-derived cues stimulate the tail movements of death adders and these snakes may more often attempt to lure lizards of a particular body size.
    • Like most other snakes, a flying snake is roughly circular in cross section.
    • Shaken yet relatively unharmed, the snake rose, tail rattling again, preparing for one last strike.
    • Like that of other snakes, death adder venom is a form of saliva.
    • Australian venomous snakes, belonging exclusively to the Elapidae family, are among the most toxic in the world.
    • Non-Hopi experts have tried to discover how the priests can handle snakes without being bitten, but the secret has not been revealed.
    • Jesús Rivas is a man who has followed his passion, and his passion is the green anaconda, the largest snake in the world.
    • The illegible writing begins to shift and change, turning into a snake biting its own tail, which twirls in a circle.
    • King Cobras are the world's largest venomous snakes, growing to an average length of nearly 6m.
    • Only about 50% of bites by exotic venomous snakes inject sufficient venom to cause clinical envenoming.
    • Color variations in captive colubrid snakes are well known.
    • Their staple diet comprises rodents and snakes including the highly venomous Cape cobra and puff adder.
    • Poachers illegally trade in snakes such as the Indian python, slaughtering the snake for their skin.
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    the Snake (antiguo sistema regulador financiero de la Comunidad Europea) la Serpiente

intransitive verb

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    (road/river) serpentear
    (person) arrastrarse
    (person) reptar
    • The road snaked upward, its old pavement cracked in places, making the ride a bit rough.
    • If the thought of cables snaking across the living room is too much to live with, this virtual-surround system offers salvation.
    • Before them the land was reasonably flat, a single road snaking through the grass and disappearing into a wood not far away.
    • It's quite impressive to see all the cars and trucks snaking down the hill and past the end of my road.
    • A yellow extension cord snakes from the sculpture to the wall.