Translation of snap in Spanish:


chasquido, n.

Pronunciation: /snæp//snap/


  • 1

    chasquido masculine
    ruido seco masculine
    the snap of the whip el chasquido / restallido del látigo
    • with a snap of his fingers con un chasquido de los dedos
  • 2

    • 2.1(on clothes)

      broche de presión masculine
      botón de presión masculine
      cierre automático masculine Spain
      automático masculine Spain
      • It's made from soft cotton and features Western style pockets, pearl snap details, and Lurex stitching for a cool vintage look.
      • The custom-made cushions, covered with a durable outdoor fabric, are secured to the frame with snaps.
      • It has a buckle on it, not some flimsy snap, so it couldn't have come loose, either.
      • It has a front storm flap with zipper and hidden snaps, encased elastic cuffs and bottom hem, and bar-tacking at critical stress points.

    • 2.2(on handbag, necklace, on clothes)

      broche masculine

  • 3informal

    vida feminine
    energía feminine
    brío masculine
  • 4informal

    foto feminine
    instantánea feminine
  • 5

    a cold snap una ola de frío
  • 6

    • 6.1(card game)

      • To consolidate learning, children can make cards for a game of 'Snap', with one hand-drawn image and geographical term on each card.
      • A new pack of cards is set to revolutionise the way we play snap.
      • The school is also encouraging parents to introduce their children to cards games such as old maid, snap and bridge.
      • I recently taught them how to play snap, which was a revelation to them, but I decided yesterday with some of my older classes to teach them how to play 500.

      juego de baraja en el que se canta 'snap' cada vez que aparecen dos cartas iguales

    • 6.2

      I got 83% — snap! (so did I) yo saqué un 83% — ¡chócate esa / chócatela / chócala (, yo también)!

  • 7USinformal

    (easy task)
    it's a snap es una papa / un bollo River Plate informal

transitive verb

  • 1

  • 2

    (make sharp sound)
    she snapped the lid/book shut cerró la tapa/el libro de un golpe
  • 3

    (utter sharply)
    decir bruscamente
    shut up, he snapped —cállate— dijo bruscamente
  • 4

    (thing/person) sacarle una foto a
    he snapped the whole family in the garden le sacó una foto a toda la familia en el jardín

intransitive verb

  • 1

    be careful: he snaps ten cuidado, que muerde
    • the dog snapped at my ankles el perro me quiso morder los tobillos
    • the fish are snapping today hoy pican los peces
    • There was a click, a loud snap, then the door swung silently outwards.
    • Suddenly, off to her right, she heard a twig snap with a sharp report.
    • The sharp snap of the snare rang through the crisp air.
    • But when an immaculate black boot closed over a small stick at the corner, the snap echoed loud as a shout.
    • My head whipped around as i heard the sound of a branch snap.
    • A cacophony of loud snaps and steps echoed through the forest, oftentimes followed by the loud blast of a rifle.
    • Even further beyond that setting, behind the small tool shed, several loud snaps echoed through the air every few moments.
    • There was a snap like the cracking of a whip, amplified several times, accompanied by a brilliant flash of deep-blue light.
    • Two series of loud snaps and clicks were heard, and she fired again, this time with more accuracy.
    • Suddenly there was a loud snap, which sounded through the basement, and Lizzie had stopped screaming.
    • With a sharp snap, she pulled the entire tree from its roots.
    • And just how much valuable chocolate has been wasted with every snap of a block?
    • Then came a small snap, sounding like someone stepped on a twig.
    • Keily heard a loud snap, like the sound of bones breaking as she flew through the air.
    • All of a sudden there was a loud snap behind Heather in the forest.
    • He stepped on a branch and one of the children whirled around at the sound of the snap, squealing in delight.
    • The paper made a loud snap as she turned to the next page.
    • I'm not, just a little bitter about how my life is so full of hardships, while she can just pass through life with just a snap of her perfect, slim fingers.
    • Behind them a snap sounded followed by a voice, ‘You people, what are you doing?’
    • There was a sudden sharp snap and he turned to see Thomas holding up a limp Bomani, the jaguar's head hanging just a little too loose for normal.
    • Controlling the king was a snap - much easier than controlling his strong willed daughter.
    • She admits in a personal essay to having thought ‘in a moment of high arrogance’ that it would be a snap.
    • The vocal tone of the group was lovely but there was no oomph, no snap, no crackle and definitely no pop.
    • DVDs counter a sluggish CD market by adding visual snap to the crackle of pop
    • There was also some much needed snap and bite in midfield with the return of skipper Chris Brass alongside Richard Cooper.
    • Like a bowl of rice bubbles that only needs milk, this article only needs a reader for it to go snap, crackle, pop!
    • Agility courses and obedience trials are a snap for the cattle dog, so are intense sessions with Frisbee or flyball.
    • Though this resulted in lots of separation in dark tones, it lacked a certain snap.
    • My holiday snaps are usually not up to Hockneys's standards and a fancy camera will just get nicked.
    • We could soon be taking snaps with our camera phone and transmitting those images to other phones, personal computers or laptops.
    • If only I'd had enough time to dash across the street and take a snap with my digital camera…
    • As an experiment, the other day I travelled around London taking snaps of the images I came across in the street and on public transport that showed men or women.
    • They always send postcards and Frank has even received holiday snaps of them on location.
    • That would have a smaller camera resolution, probably only two megapixels - perfectly adequate for holiday snaps.
    • Again don't worry about the quality; it can be a passport photo or a holiday snap!
    • Okay, a few photographs added to the gallery section: some of the first shots taken with my digital camera, and snaps from a typical Saturday night out in Tokyo.
    • The boating lake was popular enough to have a queue for boats and photographers were inviting people to pose for holiday snaps.
    • Diana's personal snaps from holidays and key events in her life were contained in two albums that were found in Burrell's loft, said Mr Boyce.
    • Now, he said, with a long career as a television lighting director behind him, he restricts his photography to family snaps.
    • Holiday snaps tend to be interesting mostly to those who partook of the holiday.
    • It means one thing to carry, and the quality is easily good enough for printable holiday snaps, he says.
    • There is nothing wrong with holiday snaps of friends and family smiling to camera, Mike says.
    • The pictures range from images of strikes, balloon take-offs and galas in Bradford to charming family snaps of weddings and holidays.
    • Other people's holiday snaps can be dull, but other people's family photos, if captioned amusingly, can be quite fun.
    • The photograph enclosed was a holiday snap of a pretty blonde woman looking back over her shoulder on a river bank and laughing at the photographer.
    • Well, that and a thought of ‘I really must buy a little digital camera, for snaps like that’.
    • One photograph was the famous snap of Lord Lucan, frozen in time with that cold-eyed stare and slicked-back hair glinting like liquid coal.
    • Shot with large format cameras and lit like a film set, the production of these photographs was far more than just for holiday snaps.
    • Cold snaps won't hurt emerging leaves or closed buds, she added.
    • A snap of cold and wet weather will give rise to pneumonia in calves so stay vigilant.
    • Cold snaps make it easy to dismiss global warming as myth.
    • But there's been a lot of crazy weather, cool snaps and rain, Jacobson says.
    • Cold snaps may lead to frosts inland, though temperatures about the coast are generally mild all year round.
  • 2

    (branch/twigs) romperse
    (branch/twigs) quebrarse Latin America
    (elastic) romperse
    it just snapped off in my hand se me quebró en la mano Latin America
    • the plank snapped in two la tabla se partió en dos
    • his nerves finally snapped al fin explotó
    • my patience snapped se me acabó la paciencia
  • 3

    to snap shut cerrarse (con un clic)
  • 4

    (speak sharply)
    hablar con brusquedad
    sorry, I didn't mean to snap perdona, no quise saltar así
    • no need to snap! no hace falta que te pongas así
    • to snap at sb hablarle con brusquedad a algn
  • 5

    (move quickly)
    the soldier snapped to attention el soldado se cuadró
    • come on, snap to it! ¡vamos, rápido / muévete!
    • to snap out of it (of depression) reaccionar
    • snap out of it! ¡reacciona!


  • 1

    (judgment/move/decision) precipitado
    (decision/judgment/move) repentino
    to call a snap election convocar elecciones anticipadas


  • 1

    to go snap romperse