Translation of snarl up in Spanish:

snarl up

enmarañar, v.

phrasal verb

  • 1

    (ball of wool) enmarañar
    (ball of wool) enredar
    (traffic) atascar
    the city center was snarled up el tráfico estaba paralizado en el centro de la ciudad
    • the fishing line got snarled up el sedal se enredó / se hizo una maraña
    • Should we snarl up the streets with drivers waiting for the police to attend to remove disruptive students from their buses?
    • She got stuck in a traffic jam which had snarled up the road from Kew Bridge Station all the way to Chiswick Roundabout.
    • Jams snarled up parts of the inner ring road as far away as Fulford, Clementhorpe and Osbaldwick, as hundreds more drivers joined the queues.
    • Smaller demonstrations snarled up traffic in parts of Germany and Italy.
    • For some time, the roads were clear, but after the meet petered out at around 7.30 pm, the return of the protesters in vans and buses once again snarled up traffic during peak evening hours.
    • Carriages would be forced onto the road, snarling up traffic flows and putting lives at risk, suggested BDS member Sue Hamley, of Ty Rhos, Llanycefn.
    • There were the usual murmurings about congestion snarling up the M8 which had delayed some making the trip from Edinburgh to the Glasgow Hilton.
    • We want the work to be done in an orderly fashion - not in a way that snarls up the city.
    • But the buses can be horribly crowded at times and are often held in the long traffic jams that snarl up key points at rush hours.
    • We would like to suggest that the LCC comes up with a system of levy collection which will not snarl up traffic and cause congestion. One suggestion would be pre-payments by all the minibuses that use Kulima Tower bus station.