Translation of sneer in Spanish:


adoptar un aire despectivo, v.

Pronunciation /snɪə//snɪr/

intransitive verb

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    adoptar un aire despectivo
    to sneer at sb/sth
    • he sneered at his challengers miró desdeñosamente a sus contrincantes
    • she sneered at my attempts se burló de mis intentos
    • Thus it's easier to regain the high ground by laughing or sneering, or complaining about art getting in the way of commuters.
    • We asked their staff to buy the paper and they sneered in my face.
    • He positively sneered at me when I announced I was going to take guitar lessons.
    • Far better that he languishes forgotten, which would punish him, rather than give him attention by sneering at him.
    • He smiled and she sneered at him, then took a sip of coffee and returned to poking her eggs.
    • When I said that few people make real choices about their lives she sneered contemptuously at me.
    • Surely the whole event reeked of the political correctness that you've made a fortune from sneering at?
    • He looked round at me and I swear to this day he sneered at me.
    • His stunning voice has always had a caustic force behind it, almost as if he's sneering and laughing all at once.
    • Both know how to ask worthwhile questions and to draw an interviewee out without sneering at them.
    • Far from sneering at our obsolete goods, they'd be raving about all our fabulous antiques.
    • Here we may be sneering at the devaluation of the single currency, but in Germany they're laughing all the way to the export markets.
    • They have long sneered at the US laws on internet gaming, arguing they were unenforce-able.
    • The people sneered and mocked me as I descended down the stairs.
    • Top-hatted footmen guard the entrances, sneering politely at the clientele and keeping the passing rabble at bay.
    • He sneered and shared a conspiratorial wink with someone over my shoulder.
    • Their anger was a pose, and the pose made a lot of people a lot of money, even as it sneered at the commercialisation of mainstream pop and rock.
    • He was contemptuous and sneering in pointing out that we were in the wrong carriage.
    • She spent most of the time sneering down her nose at people.
    • Their efforts will deserve credit, not sneering from the sidelines.

transitive verb

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    decir con sorna
    decir con desdén


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    expresión desdeñosa feminine
    he told me with a sneer that … me dijo con desdén / sorna que …
    • A tingling feeling crept over his form, and an arrogant sneer then crept over his face.
    • I turned the sneer into a smile, and not for the first time my mother was unable to return it.
    • She explains, still gracious though with a slight sneer to her smiling nature this time.
    • The woman strode past him with a disdainful sneer and entering the temple, glanced about.
    • I was instantly flanked by two guards with a countenance of half sneers, half smiles on their faces.
    • He showed a very strange smile, almost a sneer before crouching a bit down so that he was face to face with me.
    • Twelve guards entered the room, scowls and sneers on their faces.
    • And the smile soon subsided to a slight sneer, as if she had seen that look in a million men's eyes before.
    • She got sneers, insults, and hateful looks all day, not to mention suggestive ones from the male population, but she had just ignored them.
    • The director keeps the camera close to their faces, and the scenes are played out with smiles, winces, sneers, vulgarities, long pauses, shrugs, inane repetitions, dartings, and aversions of the eyes.
    • At no moment does he pass up the chance of a cheap sneer or a jeer.
    • He smiled at her, and she almost mistook it for a sneer, for the smile did not reach his eyes.
    • They'll have to put up with our weapon of choice: the condescending sneer.
    • But the air was just as thick with the old sneers and jeers.
    • Then his mouth twisted into something that was a mixture of a sneer and a smile.
    • And so I thought that the massive sneer with which his remarks were greeted was unjustified.
    • I pointed in both directions when appropriate, my lips curling slightly in a sneer.
    • His bitter frown transformed itself into a sneer and then a contemptuous smile.
    • When Sean was safely out of earshot, he allowed his upper lip to curl into the slightest sneer.
    • Most of the time he fell back on cold disdainful looks and mocking sneers, which were working out pretty well.
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    comentario desdeñoso masculine
    comentario despectivo masculine
    burla feminine