Translation of sneer in Spanish:


adoptar un aire despectivo, v.

Pronunciation: /snɪr//snɪə/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    adoptar un aire despectivo
    to sneer at sb/sth
    • he sneered at his challengers miró desdeñosamente a sus contrincantes
    • she sneered at my attempts se burló de mis intentos
    • Here we may be sneering at the devaluation of the single currency, but in Germany they're laughing all the way to the export markets.
    • He looked round at me and I swear to this day he sneered at me.
    • When I said that few people make real choices about their lives she sneered contemptuously at me.
    • He positively sneered at me when I announced I was going to take guitar lessons.
    • He smiled and she sneered at him, then took a sip of coffee and returned to poking her eggs.
    • Their efforts will deserve credit, not sneering from the sidelines.
    • She spent most of the time sneering down her nose at people.
    • Surely the whole event reeked of the political correctness that you've made a fortune from sneering at?
    • Top-hatted footmen guard the entrances, sneering politely at the clientele and keeping the passing rabble at bay.
    • His stunning voice has always had a caustic force behind it, almost as if he's sneering and laughing all at once.
    • Thus it's easier to regain the high ground by laughing or sneering, or complaining about art getting in the way of commuters.
    • We asked their staff to buy the paper and they sneered in my face.
    • Both know how to ask worthwhile questions and to draw an interviewee out without sneering at them.
    • They have long sneered at the US laws on internet gaming, arguing they were unenforce-able.
    • The people sneered and mocked me as I descended down the stairs.
    • Their anger was a pose, and the pose made a lot of people a lot of money, even as it sneered at the commercialisation of mainstream pop and rock.
    • Far better that he languishes forgotten, which would punish him, rather than give him attention by sneering at him.
    • He was contemptuous and sneering in pointing out that we were in the wrong carriage.
    • He sneered and shared a conspiratorial wink with someone over my shoulder.
    • Far from sneering at our obsolete goods, they'd be raving about all our fabulous antiques.

transitive verb

  • 1

    decir con sorna
    decir con desdén


  • 1

    expresión desdeñosa feminine
    he told me with a sneer that ... me dijo con desdén / sorna que ...
  • 2

    comentario desdeñoso masculine
    comentario despectivo masculine
    burla feminine