Translation of snide in Spanish:


insidioso, adj.

Pronunciation /snaɪd//snʌɪd/


  • 1

    (comment/remark) insidioso
    (remark/comment) malicioso
    • Sarah couldn't help but make the snide and sarcastic remark to him to show her hatred.
    • There cannot be a greater injustice to our incoming President than making this kind of snide remarks.
    • When my mum wasn't in the room he would always say snide remarks, taunting me.
    • I go to the counter and give the cheque to a guy who definitely did not have enough sleep last night and was in a mood for nasty snide remarks and evil glares.
    • One has to put up with snide remarks and comments.
    • I'd make snide remarks to him, snub him, give him disparaging looks and he usually responded by ignoring my bad behavior and avoiding me.
    • His concern was that the website was anonymous and there was the danger that people would queue up to make snide and nasty remarks.
    • The four of us mocked the commercials and trailers resoundingly, and I made the odd snide remark to Ben that I heard my other companion laughing at.
    • As for not playing while I was there, well, I could explain but this really isn't the time or place for snide remarks
    • Then they sat at the side and spent the rest of the rehearsal making (what appeared from a distance to be) snide remarks.
    • Amanda makes snide remarks to Sharon about marrying her brother.
    • It disgusts me that one of the best songwriters of his generation is being treated as the butt of jokes and victim of snide remarks.
    • He felt guilty for pushing her to her limits and sarcastically making his snide remarks.
    • I am sick to death of the snide remarks and comments.
    • So far, all the snide remarks made by the press and by other party politicians have been entirely without substance.
    • They may be regarded by their fellow pupils as arrogant and over-ambitious, and be subjected, possibly, to snide remarks and even bullying.
    • As I walked away, she made a snide remark about me to the others while I was still within earshot.
    • Sure there will be snide remarks aplenty about those 30th anniversary celebrations.
    • Some marched past him, giving him anything from a passing glance to a narrow eyed stare of contempt and a snide remark.
    • She made snide remarks to the stewardesses and sneered at the little kid across the row.