Translation of sniffle in Spanish:


sorberse la nariz, v.

Pronunciation: /ˈsnɪf(ə)l//ˈsnɪfəl/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (due to cold)
    sorberse la nariz informal
    sorberse los mocos informal
    (when crying) gimotear


  • 1

    I'm not feeling very well, she said with a sniffle —no me siento muy bien —dijo, sorbiéndose la nariz
    • She then looked down and wiped her eyes with her hand and sniffled slightly.
    • I slipped my hand out of his and sniffling back tears I didn't even know I had, I rushed away.
    • She wiped her eyes, with the back of her hand, sniffling slightly, but as quietly as she could.
    • Slightly reassured by this, the girl sniffled and wiped her tears away with the back of her hand.
    • I gave her shoulder a squeeze and she put her head on my shoulder, sniffling slightly.
    • She sat there, sniffling still with her cold, and wondered what on earth she was going to wear.
    • The drive home was a silent one, marked only by my sister sniffling loudly and elongated every twenty seconds.
    • Suddenly her tears turned into sniffling, which grew into sobs that shook her whole body.
    • I sighed in defeat and wiped away the remainder of my tears, sniffling.
    • I started to turn away, making to get up and head to the restroom to find some tissue as I sniffled slightly.
    • She nodded slightly and sniffled back some tears as she fell in behind him in a slow walk.
    • At the name of her son, the girl started sniffling, and fresh tears came to her eyes.
    • One woman was sniffling from a cold she had acquired during the morning.
    • My grandmother sniffled slightly as she bent down and set plastic flowers in the flower cup.
    • He was sniffling because of a cold and limping because of a back problem.
    • Well, there's nothing quite as common as a summer cold, sniffling and burbling and croaking about the place like a London taxi driver on a foggy night.
    • He sniffled slightly; he had been crying silent tears for what felt to be near two hours.
    • Catching his breath while sniffling up his tears, he sat down at the edge of the garden.
    • Chris stops crying, sniffling through his nose to catch his breath again.
    • It's the big climactic chapter that had her first whimpering, then sniffling, and finally cheering.
  • 2informal

    resfriado masculine
    resfrío masculine South America
    to have a sniffle/ the sniffles tener moquera Latin America informal