Translation of snigger in Spanish:


risilla, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsnɪɡər//ˈsnɪɡə/


  • 1

    risilla feminine
    risita feminine
    • If anyone speaks to them, they look sideways at one another and stifle their sniggers.
    • You can imagine the silence, broken perhaps by a stifled snigger, that met that suggestion.
    • There were sniggers and giggles all around the room and then everyone started talking.
    • There were a few sniggers but it just sounded as though we were crying.
    • A couple of women get self-conscious about the terrible silence and attempt to fill it with nervous sniggers.
    • Even if it does all end in sniggers, at least you can say you weren't afraid to try.
    • I hear the beginning of a snigger in the back of the classroom.
    • But because of our sniggers and our sneers, we overlooked two rather surprising corollaries to this glamour business.
    • I woke up to the sound of stifled sniggers.
    • We started to laugh again, muffling our sniggers with our mittened hands.
    • There was a shocked silence followed by a few sniggers from the commentary box.
    • But unlike in ordinary life, their tales of downfall are not treated with sniggers; they're treated with awe, a certain kind of humility, and sympathy and understanding.
    • This version is puerile, including jokes that could hardly have raised a snigger when first heard and turns of speech abandoned for over a generation.
    • Having been a dedicated smoker for many years now, I was headed downstairs for a cigarette, when I heard quiet sniggers in the stairwell.
    • There were a few sniggers from the back, which soon became open laughter.
    • The other girls on the team just stare at me, while I hear a deep snigger somewhere in the background.
    • It's played for laughs, or should that be sniggers?
    • When I announced at training that my car had been stolen, there were a few sniggers.
    • Their sniggers and smirks would come to a halt when they would then discover that their hands were empty.
    • I fought to keep from rolling my eyes, and I felt Gabriel stifle a snigger next to me.

intransitive verb

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    (por lo bajo) reírse
    to snigger at / about sth reírse / burlarse de algo
    • She sniggered and the rest of them laughed along.
    • A group of oriental fisherman passed behind him, sniggered, and disappeared into duty free bazaar run by an Indian who could manage a few words of Russian when he had to.
    • I heard the class snigger as I buried my head under my arms.
    • Kenny sniggered softly, but Jason shot his younger brother an annoyed look.
    • His friends sniggered with disbelief when he said was no longer using any drugs at all.
    • I was still sniggering quietly when something slimy hit me in the head.
    • He lifted his shirt to show his muscles and later in the programme, sniggered that this was the ‘best health club’ around.
    • I sniggered again, but didn't comment.
    • He began to laugh, and some of the henchmen sniggered too.
    • I looked above them to see everyone else that was in the library sneering and sniggering at me.
    • Sabrina's three friends sniggered and Sabrina stuck her tongue out.
    • A few people sniggered and he smirked, balancing his blazer on the other arm, fully aware of his authority.
    • The three of them smiled and gave each other knowing glances, sniggering quietly.
    • So I turned around to see all of Conners friends pointing and sniggering at me.
    • The assembled news pack sniggered quietly as the school ma'am got her just deserts.
    • They smiled to his face, shook his hand, acted impressed, wished him well, and went away sniggering behind his back.
    • She sniggered softly, as if she'd never heard anything more ridiculous in her life.
    • To his left, he saw and heard the two youngest of his team snigger, but a steely glare wiped the smug look from their faces.
    • Everyone sniggered behind his back for his lack of personality.
    • Felicity took one look at old Mrs. Briney and burst out laughing, sniggering and pointing at her.