Translation of snivel in Spanish:


lloriquear, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsnɪvəl//ˈsnɪv(ə)l/

intransitive verbsniveling, snivelling, snivelled, sniveled

  • 1

    give that sniveling child a handkerchief dale un pañuelo a ese llorón
    • Someone has to straighten these people out before all of our kids turn into sniveling, whining, spoiled brats.
    • They'll scream class warfare, but in light of the charges it starts to sound like sniveling defensiveness.
    • You've never cared or had the ability to be sensitive before; stop your sniveling and go back to sleep.
    • And whatever you do, don't resort to any whining, snivelling, or whimpering tactics.
    • But don't do it because you expect to be rewarded for sniveling before His throne.
    • Daddy isn't supposed to snivel about how the locals didn't do their job.
    • You can stay here sniveling about how much you're hurting.
    • I begged, pleaded and sniveled until he agreed to loan it to me for evaluation.
    • Do you know how long it takes me to patrol sniveling, weak little undermen like you trying to find a general, captain, or anyone that can take a bit of leadership?
    • They're the ones who are sniveling, just because someone is actually using the service that they're offering.
    • After all the man had done for him, how could he whine and snivel and ask for more, dragging him down with demands?
    • You can stay here and snivel all you want, but I'm not gonna let that brave girl die out there alone.
    • Why does everything have to be centred around that snivelling little brat?
    • I couldn't look at them, all I could do was whine and snivel and cry like a stupid, stupid baby.