Translation of snoop in Spanish:


husmear, v.

Pronunciation: /snup//snuːp/

intransitive verb


  • 1

    to snoop around / about fisgonear
    • don't snoop into things that don't concern you no te metas en lo que no te importa
    • This isn't just a question of nosy politicians snooping on the citizens they are supposed to be representing.
    • While my sister was snooping in my room she spotted the Canada guide and asked if she could read it.
    • It's when the media and the activists start snooping around that the problems start.
    • The idea of the state snooping into the affairs of private citizens is anathema in a country which takes individual liberties seriously.
    • In the meantime, I suggest you stop snooping on what the neighbours are doing and tend to your own lives.
    • The idea of Government employees snooping through people's private records is one that will cause alarm.
    • And if it does know an intrusion occurred, the victim company ordinarily won't know whether the hacker just snooped around a little, or actually managed to see a lot.
    • There's no telling what he'll do when he snoops around my house and finds out what's really going on.
    • Does this involve snooping around company dustbins, intercepting illicit cargoes in high-speed chases?
    • Protect your privacy and keep anyone from snooping into your information.
    • I catch her going through my drawers and backpack, and she snoops on my little brother even more, searching his room and listening to his phone conversations.
    • This feature is basically a game wherein the viewer can snoop around Eddie's office and find all kinds of information about the production of the film.
    • Rather than snooping around and trying to retrieve it I thought it would be best to just own up and ask if you've seen it.
    • When there's a guy who breaks into my business and snoops around without my permission, it gets pretty important to me!
    • Mom will probably look a little guilty and may admit she snooped.
    • After snooping round the house for a bit, we rode our bikes back to the hotel.
    • This is why she shouldn't be snooping in my private letters, for crying out loud!
    • I left it in the middle of his bed knowing that he would know I snooped to find it, but I didn't care.
    • One of his agents is Jack who snoops about and pinpoints dangerous but valuable potential crimes.
    • It's every parent's dream: a device for snooping on what teenagers get up to in the family car.


  • 1

    fisgón masculine
    fisgona feminine
  • 2

    to have a snoop around
    • he had a good snoop around while you were out estuvo husmeando / curioseando / fisgoneando por ahí mientras no estabas
    • I'll have a snoop around for her keys voy a echar una mirada por ahí a ver si encuentro sus llaves