Translation of snore in Spanish:


roncar, v.

Pronunciation /snɔr//snɔː/

intransitive verb

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    • Harry and Dolly had a good supper and I suspect we'll all three of us be snoring gently very soon.
    • Does the patient snore heavily or stop breathing during sleep?
    • When he finally started to snore lightly, Heather unzipped her sleeping bag noiselessly.
    • Cole was still snoring in bed, his body inches from falling off the mattress.
    • While I was captivated by and immersed in the performance, she quietly snored in her sleep!
    • Good, I hadn't forgotten anything, and the guard was snoring slightly in the corner.
    • Wes was still asleep on the couch; he was snoring lightly and restlessly.
    • The men snored softly in their beds while the women slept in theirs.
    • It was boring, but we found out that Chuck snores and Pierre talks in his sleep.
    • Apart from the sound of two people munching and two cats snoring, quiet settled on the old ranch house.
    • Evan found Jeff snoring loudly on the couch, turned to face the room instead of the view.
    • When she left the flat he was snoring but next morning he was found unconscious.
    • It may be due to something straightforward such as snoring at night, but it's worth having a chat about it with your doc.
    • Her mother snores terribly and she is up most of the night.
    • Adam told me the other day that I was snoring, but at first he thought it was our phone ringing.
    • So, snoring often occurs only during the hay fever season or with a cold or sinus infection.
    • Apparently he was in the middle of a hangover, and was snoring loudly on the living-room couch.
    • One day he fell asleep on a sunbed but did not snore.
    • He's been snoring away in the living room chair all morning.
    • Missy was snoring next to her, making it a bit difficult.


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    ronquido masculine
    • A loud snore suddenly filled the room and Tomas leaped back and tripped over a dusty, plastic covered chair.
    • Matt let out an abnormally large snore and I imagined myself smothering him with his own pillow.
    • Her sister lies sleeping on the couch, her quiet snores almost inaudible.
    • As she walked down the stairs, she heard her brother's light snores.
    • From the couch came only a faint snore.
    • Claire's gentle snores and Ron's even breathing filled the room.
    • Her son's soft snores fill the silence between them.
    • Her head was back and her mouth was open as snores escaped.
    • He let out a small snore, his mouth hanging open.
    • Andrew's slightly parted lips were resting uncomfortably on the back of her neck, his horrid breath and snores now directed quite frankly right at her nose.
    • Soon the sound of light breathing and noisy snores filled the room.
    • Finally, when it was dark in the house and Uncle Rich's snores echoed along the creaky hallway - I could hear my little brother crying.
    • She was greeted by mingled snores and murmuring.
    • I heard soft snores coming from inside and I smirked.
    • I heard a soft snore coming from the living room.
    • Nothing but light snores could now be heard from the other side of the hay wagon.
    • Noting that her parents were fast asleep, for she could hear the loud snores of her father and the soft breathing her of mother, she slipped down the stairs to the front door.
    • His head was leaning back, and every time he breathed a snore would erupt from his nostrils.
    • I heard a loud snore coming from the room next door and remembered that I was in Gabby's house.
    • Brandon let out a loud snore to which they all laughed.