Translation of snorkel in Spanish:


esnórkel, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsnɔrk(ə)l//ˈsnɔːk(ə)l/


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    (for swimmer)
    esnórkel masculine
    • Bring along your snorkels, beach balls and dinghies for a fantastic, fun time in the swimming pools.
    • Following a brief orientation, and a complimentary photograph, you are supplied with wet suits, snorkels and masks.
    • And don't forget to bring your snorkel: diving aficionados swear that the Maldives have the finest dive sites in the world, and most resorts have fully equipped dive centres.
    • Wet suits, snorkels and fins are supplied when and if you are ready to get into the water - and when you return you can hop into a hot shower!
    • Once the swimmer has achieved ideal body position, the snorkel may be taken away to allow him to practice the low-profile breath.
    • Free masks, flippers and snorkels are usually on offer, but we were late in the day and the underwater guides had headed off to their beers.
    • The game takes place in a swimming pool with players wearing snorkels, masks and fins.
    • He says he has two golden rules: first, always check out the dive site for yourself (he brings his own snorkel for the purpose) and second, keep in mind the spot on the water, way down below, that you are going to hit.
    • We stopped and parked up at a beach, and Mohammed guided us to the edge of the coral and instructed the novices amongst us how to don our masks, snorkels and flippers.
    • We drop anchor at Calivigny Island, don flippers and snorkels, and paddle off to look at the coral.
    • Breathe into the blue, green or yellow plastic device, which resembles an asthma inhaler or part of a snorkel, for three or four minutes twice each day, and you'll breathe easier when you race.
    • We get our equipment on: flippers, masks, snorkels.
    • Now swap all skates, helmets and padding for flippers, snorkels and swimsuits.
    • If you can breathe through a snorkel, then you are well on the way towards one of the most enriching wildlife experiences of your life.
    • The snorkel, flippers, and goggles are definitely material objects, as are the air tank, the regulator, and the buoyancy control device.
    • Whether it be in drills or actual sets, whether pulling or kicking, we now use snorkels in all phases of our training.
    • The odd snorkel bobs in the water, occasionally spurting water, and there's not a boat to be seen.
    • Similar effects are experienced by recreational breath-hold divers; they may also use a snorkel to allow breathing when on the surface.
    • This allows them to dive totally unaided to depths of 75 ft - without snorkels, flippers or air cylinders.
    • But yesterday he donned his snorkel and flippers to defend his title as World Champion Bog Snorkeller.
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    (on submarine)
    esnórkel masculine

intransitive verbsnorkeling, snorkelled, snorkelling, snorkeled

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    (con esnórkel) bucear