Translation of snort in Spanish:


bufar, v.

Pronunciation /snɔːt//snɔrt/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    he snorted with anger/impatience dio un resoplido de rabia/impaciencia
    • she snorted with laughter soltó una risotada

transitive verb

  • 1

    never again, she snorted —nunca más —bramó / gruñó
    • She snorted in disbelief when she noticed his books were even in alphabetical order.
    • Snorting in annoyance, he dropped the thoughts from his mind.
    • Lydia snorted in derision and yanked her arm out of his grasp.
    • The man snorted in disgust and superior amusement.
    • The camera rocked as Daisy first snorted then burst with laughter.
    • He stared at her, then curled his lip upward and snorted derisively.
    • I snorted derisively from my spot in the darkest corner of the large room.
    • And the temptation here is to snort in derision and ask: not difficult enough?
    • I snorted out loud, and then immediately realized what I'd done.
    • One of the soldiers, a tall man with blonde hair, snorted derisively at her.
    • I just read one of his posts about smoking in the rain and I snorted out loud at work.
    • Adam snorted derisively and stepped away and up the slope from Joe.
    • The man gave him a snide look as he snorted in contempt.
    • She snorts slightly with laughter, burying her head into Shane's neck, her eyebrows arched.
    • Isabelle scanned the letter, raised her eyebrows and passed it off to Ash, who snorted with laughter.
    • I snorted in amusement, and picked up the coffee mug I'd abandoned earlier.
    • His best friend just snorted in reply but mumbled a thanks.
    • Derek snorted indignantly, and returned to his own amusements.
    • Drake snorted with laughter again as I hung up on him, feeling nervous.
    • I stared at her, then snorted with laughter.
  • 2slang

    (cocaine) esnifar slang
    • Did anyone think that rather than snort coke she would sip cocoa?
    • Christine reverts back to her old habits - snorting cocaine and popping pills - in an effort to assuage her horrible tragedy.
    • He just snorted too much cocaine, and things got out of hand.
    • Losing his battle with sobriety, the fictional Ellis drinks vodka like a fish and snorts cocaine.
    • I think that's a large part of the reason he snorts coke.
    • Five days earlier, the patient had similarly become breathless after snorting heroin, but she improved after inhaling albuterol and did not seek medical care.
    • I became an alcoholic and began to deal in drugs, even snorting cocaine and crack.
    • A camera whirls around a hedonistic fancy dress party where people snort drugs off heaving bosoms.
    • He was hopelessly addicted to coffee, cigarettes, and other drugs: he would snort heroin and then pray for the courage to resist its temptation.
    • She then returns home to yell at her Ecuadorian nanny, ignore her kids and snort hard drugs until she falls asleep and has to do it all over again.
    • Everyone is sucked in and sells out and snorts coke.
    • For some reason I think maybe he was snorting heroin.
    • If your performance is being impaired by snorting cocaine or drinking too much you could be subject to disciplinary procedures anyway.
    • He'd seen him the other day snorting cocaine or some other drug in an alley on his way back from school.
    • He snorted the drug or smoked crack cocaine three to five times a week.
    • He said those who snorted the drug often suffered nosebleeds because blood vessels in the nostrils were inflamed by the powder.
    • If it gets out that she snorts cocaine, teenage girls will think it's cool to snort cocaine.
    • Just think of the people that would roll them up and snort drugs with a $20 bill.
    • She realized how absurd it was to be pleased someone was complimenting the way she snorted drugs, but it didn't stop the glow that she felt.
    • I was so naive that I didn't know you could snort heroin.


  • 1

    bufido masculine
    resoplido masculine
    • I was pulled out of my trance as she let out a derisive snort.
    • Conner didn't even try to suppress the snort that erupted.
    • I muffled a snort into the back of my hand.
    • They're happy to point out our ignorance with snorts of contempt.
    • A slight snort came from the Japanese boy.
    • A few snorts came from the class but the vice-principal didn't seem to notice.
    • The acknowledgment was merely a snort and some derisive laughter.
    • On the other end of the line, I heard him suppress a snort.
    • Now it was my turn to make the snort of disbelief.
    • After blinking in surprise, Tyler recovers with a snort of disbelief.
    • Angela stifled a snort as she and Sara examined my fluffy pink bunny slippers.
    • But instead, she had not even a disdainful snort to give.
    • With a disgusted snort, Jack stormed out of the dining room.
    • Her eyes came to rest back on her own partner, and she suppressed a snort.
    • I heard what sounded like a faint snort of disgust from Dad.
    • An incredulous snort came from Chris, and I gave him dirty look that silenced him up.
    • A disbelieving snort escaped me and I shook him again.
    • To this I expect to hear snorts of derision.
    • His father had made a lot of disgusted snorts in response to it.
    • They both burst out laughing and were doing so with so much energy and force that everyone came running in to see them just sitting there, holding there stomachs and gasping for breath between snorts and laughs.
  • 2informal

    trago masculine informal
    • Maybe after a jigger of scotch and a snort of ecstasy, you'll be more inclined to eat and enjoy these pretzels.
    • Eddie starts every moment with two snorts up each nostril.
    • A single snort of cocaine triggers a week-long surge of activity in the brain's addiction centre, scientists said yesterday.
    • Marvin lifts a bottle of vodka and takes several snorts without setting the camera down.
  • 3slang

    (of cocaine)
    raya slang
    to take a snort of cocaine esnifar una raya de cocaína slang