Translation of snow in Spanish:


nieve, n.

Pronunciation: /snoʊ//snəʊ/


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    • 1.1

      nieve feminine
      as pure as the driven snow puro y virginal
      • as white as snow níveo
      • before noun snow shower nevada
      • Halfway to the Northern palace, two days into the journey, night fell as fresh snow floated to the ground.
      • There was a heavy, wet snow falling gently on the harbour.
      • A thin layer of snow had covered the ground and I was freezing.
      • Precipitation falling as snow complicates the water balance as defined in this way, but the principles are the same.
      • Outside, snow fell: fat flakes adhering to the windows and frosting the glass in translucent white.
      • When the vapor condenses into rain or freezes to make snow, the precipitation is acid, which can fall into lakes.
      • A thin layer of white snow now lay upon the ground and still more was falling heavily.
      • To the south there are high mountains, covered in thick spring snow.
      • Shoveling snow was beginning to wear on me.
      • In dry-winter areas that don't freeze or have much snow, water perennials once a month on a sunny, warm day to keep them alive and healthy.
      • She landed gently, the winds swirling around her, picking up the small flakes of snow from the ground.
      • Having inserted it perpendicularly into the lying snow, it still did not touch the ground.
      • The tragic ending is atmospheric, with snow falling on a procession of women carrying red lanterns.
      • As wet, fluffy snow fell throughout the day, many protestors began tossing snowballs at riot police.
      • This is because the snow is blown around in the wind, and it is hard to know the difference between falling and drifting snow.
      • He stood up too and they walked out, their boots crunching though the thin layer of slush and snow covering the ground.
      • The film is astonishingly beautiful in its pristine silver light, with snow on the ground and a weak sun low over the city.
      • He found her sitting alone next to a window, watching snow falling onto the ground.
      • For it to be deemed a white Christmas, at least one flake of snow has to fall on the roof of the London weather centre.
      • I expected to see snow on the mountains, it was that cold.

    • 1.2(snowfall)

      nevada feminine
      • The snows of 1947 had virtually wiped the rabbit population out, but they were back with a vengeance.
      • As seasons pass from cherry blossoms and summer beaches to fall foliage and winter snows, their love becomes stronger and more enduring.
      • Still, we stood in a large shadow of regret as we called the power company and asked; they were glad to comply, and with alacrity, before the snows.
      • ‘I was still pretending that she would get through the Sierra before the snows fell,’ Didion writes.
      • He would ask after them from a mutual friend, sure, but would he drive across state lines to deliver their wife's baby when the snows had brought down telegraph lines?
      • However, on Wednesday the snows arrived and with six to ten inches falling, it brought everything to a virtual standstill.
      • The freezing over of rivers and seas along with snows and ice would interfere with transportation more than higher temperatures would.
      • I do love the first snow of the season, especially when it happens overnight.
      • Fall rains and winter snows will provide moisture to germinate seeds.
      • But come late fall, the heavy snows force the crew to leave the Highlands for the relatively hospitable climate of southern Cape Breton.
      • The crazy weather conditions are set continue, as forecasters predict that the winter will be the coldest since the devastating snows of 1963.
      • Relief agencies were scrambling to find warm tents from wherever they could before snows begin to fall, the spokesperson said.
      • The snows came particularly early last year, at the beginning of September, and lasted well into April.
      • We had the first snows of the season last night and Mount Wellington opposite is looking pretty dramatic and beautiful.
      • The retreat began on 19 October, and within three weeks the first snows had fallen.
      • Planted with care and planning, bulbs can keep a garden alive with color from the last snows of winter through the first frosts of fall.
      • Their body warmth heated the upper floor where their humans lived and, if the snows of winter and the snow-drifts off the roofs piled up very high, the farmers could still shovel their way down to their snow-bound herds.
      • Not every sack of grain needs to be distributed to stockpiles before the snows come next month.
      • They are white and weathered, the horns cracked and bleached by the snows and frosts, and the rains and heats of many winters and summers.
      • If they're fully rooted in fall before winter season snows or rains, come spring, they're fully established and ready to grow.

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    (on TV screen)
    nieve feminine
  • 3slang

    nieve feminine slang

impersonal verb

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    it never snows here aquí nunca nieva

transitive verb

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    (overwhelm) apabullar US slang
    (persuade) convencer
    (persuade) camelar Spain informal
    don't let them snow you into buying another one no los dejes convencerte de que tienes que comprar otro