Translation of snowfall in Spanish:


nevada, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsnoʊˌfɔl//ˈsnəʊfɔːl/


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    nevada feminine
    • Storm warnings were posted from Wisconsin to New England, as heavy snowfalls were reported in many areas.
    • Freezing temperatures and snowfalls return by the end of August.
    • After a winter of meager snowfalls, another drought is likely.
    • However, this negative correlation may be due to an association between precipitation and damaging snowfalls or ice storms.
    • As they brace themselves for the big thaw following this week's snowfall, the people of York might not have needed a reminder of flooding.
    • I moved here in March of 2001 and just missed the most significant snowfall for years by six weeks.
    • I look over to where the snow bank remained last week, the last vestiges of a record five-foot February snowfall.
    • In Bolton there was a four inch snowfall over night.
    • But the paltry amount of snow here is a relief compared to the four-foot snowfalls we'd receive at least five times a year in Montreal.
    • The sliding door to the back was sparkling clean and the footprints in the back yard had been covered with last night's snowfall.
    • Like rain storms and snowfalls, we have no control over anything that nature has given to us.
    • On the Western Slopes the rainfall gradually decreases, together with the frequency of winter snowfalls.
    • Only a thin metal wall protected her from the winter's third snowfall.
    • The last two days have bought with them my wished for snowfall.
    • Meanwhile emergency services were bracing themselves for more heavy snowfalls.
    • Temperatures plummeted in the Eastern Cape over the weekend as a heatwave gave way to rain and snowfalls in some areas in just 24 hours.
    • Then further snowfalls are expected which will add to the snow already at the skiing areas.
    • The South African Weather Service warned yesterday that most parts of South Africa would experience cold and rainy weather with the possibility of snowfalls over the next few days.
    • The West Yellowstone Fall Camp begins with the first snowfalls of November and runs until the first of December.
    • It happened last Sunday, during New York's one and only snowfall this winter.