Translation of snowshoe in Spanish:


raqueta, n.

Pronunciation /ˈsnəʊʃuː//ˈsnoʊˌʃu/


  • 1

    raqueta feminine
    • In the case of the snowshoe, it supports against the potentially deadly snow, and allows the wearer to move about and hunt, thus giving life.
    • Alternatively, you can eschew the usual headlong rush of the resort and take off into the back country on a pair of snowshoes or touring skis.
    • And don't use metal screws or nails in the construction of the snowshoes, they said, or the metal on one shoe could break the wood or webbing on the other.
    • Although snowboarding is not permitted, winter visitors can rent snowshoes and walking poles or take a spin on the ice-skating rink.
    • Although snowshoes may look a little unwieldy, they're light and very easy to use, and there's no special technique to learn other than just lifting your feet a little higher than normal with each step.
    • Put on a pair of snowshoes and pack down the snow around all your fruit trees.
    • The next morning we awoke to overcast skies and a light snowfall, but I was too excited about the challenge of the day to be bothered by the weather, as we geared up with our ski suits, gaiters, rucksacks and the all important snowshoes.
    • We join a nature walk that tours Giant Forest on snowshoes.
    • My feet, encased in several pairs of socks and a pair of boots, are still cold, though they are not submerged in the snow - the inn's snowshoes have seen to that.
    • Modern snowshoes and backcountry ski and snowboarding equipment are making winter pursuits much more fun.
    • Lastly, I didn't think I would say this living downtown in the largest city in the country, but: I could really use some snowshoes!
    • Rangers lead walks in the nearby national park - with snowshoes or without.
    • However, I won't be truly convinced of the strength of the weather warnings for London until I need to wear snowshoes to work.
    • Whether you are out for a brisk winter walk or backcountry snowboarding the new generation of snowshoes will have you floating over the terrain instead of plowing through it.
    • Getting dressed on the side of a logging road with no real place to park, we scramble to get our clothes on, gear stashed and snowshoes lashed to our boots before the first crazed logger sweeps around the corner in his big rig.
    • But our hero's fate is never in question, not even when he straps on snowshoes for what has to be the most poorly motivated cross-country journey in movie history.
    • The men trudge thought 6 feet of snow on snowshoes.
    • You are walking on snowshoes, so it's very physically demanding.
    • Before the advent of the snowmobile, Ms. McLeod would run in front of the dog sled team in snowshoes to break the snow and clear a path.
    • He can't see the tails of your snowshoes and will inevitably walk on them, sending you face first into the cold white stuff.