Translation of snuffle in Spanish:


Pronunciation /ˈsnəfəl//ˈsnʌf(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    • My mother and I watched the film in the early-evening gloom, snuffling, our noses emptying steadily into our Kleenexes.
    • He stopped trying to pull away and snuffled quietly.
    • Elliot still was snuffling in his punctured sleep.
    • I drew him closer to me, rocking him slightly as he snuffled and snored.
    • She lay facing the wall, snuffling quietly, tousling her kitty's head.
    • While the appellant testified the complainant had been snuffling, she testified she was crying because he had intimidated her to the point of exhaustion, frustration and fear.
    • I won't be any good if I keep snuffling and sneezing and feeling worse.
    • Everyone nodded at that, and Tiffany snuffled miserably.
    • Another tear replaced the first, and another, then another and another, until I was snuffling, low whines coming from my throat.
    • Last time it was that ‘When She Loved Me’ song, which had half the audience snuffling; this time it's the last four minutes.
    • I snuffled, and leant against his warm body, comforted a little by his arm, which was around me waist, his hand resting on my stomach.
    • Even unfortunate hay-fever sufferers bravely get in on the action, sniffling and snuffling under the branches behind the haphazard protection of white masks.
    • Carrie was sitting at the kitchen table, crying, and snuffling and blowing her nose.
    • The girl was behind me, snuffling, almost completely submersed in the wardrobe.
    • When I got up to my room, my head was spinning as I snuffled into a handkerchief.
    • He stood there, shaking violently, then dropped to his knees and snuffled and choked uncontrollably; weeping.
    • Everyone's snuffling, everyone's hot, everyone wants nothing more than to repose on the sofa and have prepackaged entertainment piped down our eyeballs.
    • Unwilling to say too much in case the boy, fading from sobs to snuffling, was listening, Al rolled his eyes.
  • 2

    (badger/dog) resoplar
    • I could see something snuffling in the dark, I could hear the breathing but I didn't know what it was, didn't even know how I'd gotten here.
    • The bear is snuffling and snorting and looking around the picnic table for more food.
    • She arched and snuffled at me, big brown eyes watching me closely.
    • The dog buried his nose up to his ears in the cotton fabric, huffing and snuffling as he drank in the scent.
    • They whimpered and whined as they raised their noses to the air and snuffled at the smell that drifted into the clean air.
    • The next morning they wake up and go around the whole farm snuffling at the earth, rolling in the dew, eating the grass and so on, overwhelmed with excitement that it is all theirs.
    • Dust kicked up as the dragon sniffed and snuffled around, searching for their scent.
    • The Arabian came up to the paddock rail and snuffled at him.
    • A few moments later, I felt a cold, wet nose snuffling in the palm of my hand.
    • The gelding snuffled at Thorn for a moment, the girl allowing a half-smile.
    • Glory nickered and bobbed his head in way of greeting, before stretching his nose to snuffle my face.
    • I lay with my arms wrapped tightly around my chest, listening to the shack moving in the wind, and animals snuffling outside.
    • Anyhow, ten this morning he heard the radio click on then came snuffling at the bottom of the duvet to get me up and out of bed.
    • He crawled on his hands and knees over to Michael, afraid that the warhorse wouldn't let him near, but the grey snuffled at his hair and backed carefully away.
    • It gently placed its right paw in the crook of my arm and snuffled its wet nose in my ear.
    • The horse snuffled at his neck, but the boy continued to cry.
    • Then I could hear one thing more: the Dog was snuffling.
    • They snorted and snuffled, hackles raised, dancing sideways, eyeing each other.
    • When the first birds woke I pretended to sleep, wrapped tightly, wind and animals snuffling outside.
    • He started snuffling in the grass and scratching at a few things.