Translation of snuggle in Spanish:


acurrucarse, v.

Pronunciation /ˈsnəɡəl//ˈsnʌɡ(ə)l/

intransitive verb

  • 1

    we snuggled (down) under the blankets nos acurrucamos bajo las mantas
    • I found them snuggled (up) on the settee los encontré acurrucados en el sofá
    • he snuggled up against her se le arrimó
    • Imagine snuggling up in front of your own log fire while outside the north wind blows a bitter warning of frosty times ahead.
    • I smile weakly through my still-flowing tears and snuggle into his warm embrace.
    • I've got a rip-roaring book to read, some projects to work on and lots of warm clothes to snuggle up in.
    • I snuggle back down into the blanket, my toes warm, my fingers warm, and my eyes still comfortably closed.
    • I grumbled with my face in my warm pillow as I snuggled deeper into bed.
    • When chill in the air touches the bone, the body yearns to snuggle into warm clothing.
    • I snuggle my head back into the soft, warm fabric of the sofa and doze again.
    • Still, she was running and swimming and snuggling in bed with me.
    • But I simply can't resist turning back the duvet, snuggling up to my son and going back to sleep.
    • She couldn't help but snuggle against the warm comforter, taking in its scent and texture.
    • However, it's hard to be seriously annoyed when you have a cat snuggling you and giving you gentle licks, as mine just did.
    • Lynn turned off the light before snuggling comfortably under the warm comforter.
    • I snuggled into my warm bed and shut my eyes, in anticipation of a blissful sleep.
    • I roll over, snuggling deeper into the warm quilts, hoping to slip back into sleep.
    • I snuggled even closer to his warm body, trying to absorb the heat into my cold one.
    • So, if you zealously guard your privacy and love snuggling alone in the bunk bed and chewing a chocolate, a job on a ship is not for you.
    • Mira smiled ever so slightly in her sleep and moved a little, snuggling down under the coat.
    • She moved closer, snuggling into his side as she reveled in the emotions that made her feel alive.
    • Sliding across the seat, she snuggled close, her breath warming his neck.
    • For tonight at least it's cool here in Texas and snuggling under those blankets sounds mighty good.