Translation of so-called in Spanish:


(así) llamado, adj.

Pronunciation ///ˈsoʊ ˈˌkɔld/


  • 1

    (commonly named)
    (así) llamado
    (así) denominado
    • The organisation believes so-called drug driving is now more common than driving while over the limit.
    • York is a so-called Beacon Council, a name that suggests it would have qualified for extra funding.
    • The only thing the banks can do is to peel off these so-called non-performing assets.
    • Other people have different views on these so-called Hubbert peaks for oil and gas production.
    • The so-called superloo in Chapel Lane was always breaking down and people did not like using it, he added.
    • This chapter began by describing the so-called sequential model of decision making.
    • Tyler's fiction has always danced dangerously close to being a paean to the so-called simple life.
    • Once more there is no one model for success in the so-called global universe.
    • They may have to tolerate members of the public wanting to stroke them and swim with them in so-called petting pools.
    • The farmers are calling on the Government to pay compensation and make up for the so-called BSE tax.
    • Jacobs' case against the suburbs has had a second outing in the theories of the so-called New Urbanists.
    • How well does Mr McIntyre know the so-called Third World which he so insultingly disparages?
    • Experience is what counts in so-called creative industries like journalism.
    • Just now I nipped around to Debenhams in Oxford to check out their so-called One Day Spectacular.
    • He had no doubt that many so-called modern worship forms would become obsolete.
    • For fashion, the so-called quadrilatero d' oro, or golden rectangle, is the magnet.
    • Another so-called chimerism involves using an animal egg to create human stem-cells.
    • It is all done in the name of curbing the so-called bad actors, but it imposes costs on everyone.
    • The abbey is a so-called royal peculiar, one of a handful of churches under the Queen's direct control.
  • 2

    (indicating skeptical attitude)
    (do-gooder/expert) supuesto
    (do-gooder/expert) presunto
    this so-called improvement esta supuesta / pretendida mejora
    • We find yet again our so-called leaders are engaged in point scoring of the pettiest nature.
    • Yet when you think about it, many of these so-called tips are ridiculous.
    • I know precisely only one person who has cashed in during these so-called good times.
    • The so-called street vendors we see are not as economically hapless as we are meant to believe.
    • The judge said he could scarcely believe that three so-called civilised young men could behave as they did.
    • So tell me, John, why is it that all your so-called friends and family hate you so much?
    • It simply isn't true that the brightest and the best rise to the top in our so-called meritocratic society.
    • My journey to work is now 20 minutes longer because of these so-called traffic measures.
    • It was a time when many of his old so-called friends had dropped him like a hot potato.
    • I am more entitled to call myself a fox expert than some so-called experts.
    • Their political bias even on so-called News programmes is scarcely hidden.
    • She did suggest a visit to the optician for the person offering the so-called compliment!
    • It sounds like a lot of hassle, a real triumph of so-called style over substance.
    • The most outrageous problem with the so-called registry is that it contains no names.
    • Either way we're supposed to go out and celebrate the so-called natural world and deny all things manmade.
    • A group of so-called teenagers terrorises people who are minding their own business or out for a walk there.
    • We are a generation whose so-called social safety net has been cut to shreds over our lifetime.
    • Are these so-called models and celebrities really people we could look up to and learn from?
    • That's the level to which the so-called debate from these people has sunk.
    • At the trial, my so-called best friend stood in the dock and spoke against me.