Translation of soak in Spanish:


poner en remojo, v.

Pronunciation /səʊk//soʊk/

transitive verb

  • 1

    • 1.1

      (immerse) poner en remojo
      (immerse) poner a remojo
      (immerse) dejar remojando
      (leave immersed) dejar en remojo
      (leave immersed) dejar a remojo
      they soaked themselves in the atmosphere of the ancient city se empaparon de la atmósfera de la antigua ciudad
      • to soak sth off despegar / quitar algo remojándolo
      • Once the slices have soaked for 10 minutes, discard the liquid.
      • As I soaked in the hot water to wake up, my brain was awhirl in a multitude of thoughts.
      • Let agitation begin, but stop the washer and let the towels soak in hot water.
      • She has a stack of willow in her garden at all times, soaking in water ready for weaving.
      • They were somewhat difficult to come by, anchovies packed in oil are much easier to find, but I finally located some and soaked them overnight.
      • I then left the clothes in a bucket to soak overnight with washing soda.
      • For a natural fabric softener, soak garments overnight in a solution of one part vinegar to three parts water, then rinse well in clear water before washing.
      • After realizing how long I had sat soaking in the water, I hoisted myself up out of the tub and walked across the room to retrieve a towel.
      • Also, soaking in a shallow tub of salty water may ease the discomfort.
      • If using dried borlotti beans soak them overnight in cold water then rinse well.
      • Since they cannot maintain a peaceful mind within activity, they avoid noisy places and spend their days soaking in stale water.
      • In a bowl, combine tapioca and milk; soak for one hour.
      • One night, while I was soaking in the bath, the phone rang.
      • Luke ran to the bathroom and started to run some super hot water for Winnie to soak in for a while.
      • To clean your bearings thoroughly, take the bearings apart and soak them in a citrus degreaser.
      • Then they soak the projectiles in the poison over night.
      • I laid quietly in the bathtub soaking in the warm water and letting it settle my thoughts.
      • She thought about going home and soaking in the water.
      • Steven soaks his clothes overnight to get out stains.
      • The are usually packed in olive oil or vinegar, and are frequently slit so they absorb the flavor of the wine vinegar marinade in which they are soaked.
      • Make sure it is totally submerged, and soak each batch in clean water to avoid pollutants.
      • An old man, whose face looked as if he'd been soaking in water too long, snuck glances at me while puffing on a cigarette.
      • Allow the tea to cool, soak a washcloth in it, wring it out, lie down, and place it over your closed eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.
      • Steep it for 10 minutes, allow the tea to cool and soak your feet for 30 minutes.
      • She soaked for hours, enjoying the feel of the warm water against her skin.
      • They were more likely to say they soak in a tub to relax.
      • Rinse or soak them thoroughly in fresh water to remove excess salt before adding them to your compost pile.
      • If using dried beans, soak them overnight, then cover with fresh water and cook for between 60 and 90 minutes, until tender.
      • Cook until the flour is light golden brown, then stir in the stock and also the liquid reserved from soaking the dried mushrooms.
      • The woman had gotten a towel and soaked it in the sink.
      • I couldn't have looked convinced, because she then dragged me over to her sink where a dirty baking dish was soaking in water.
      • To get rid of the salt, I would recommend that you soak it at least overnight.
      • He ripped off two lengths of bandage and began soaking them in the liquid.
      • Any sailor who shot an albatross would soak it overnight to get rid of the fishy taste, and make pies from it the next morning.
      • Lying with her feet propped on the rim of the large tub, Yvonne let herself soak in the hot water.
      • While those were soaking in boiling water, I also boiled chicken with garlic and onions.
      • Rinse thoroughly, then soak the fabric in a dilute bleach solution.
      • After 15 to 20 minutes soaking in the water, your pores will enlarge and pulse quicken.
      • I wrung out a cold washrag, let it soak in the hot water as I brushed my hair, then braided it into a tight braid in the back of my head.
      • If you want your paste to not be green, soak the pistachios overnight, and then remove the skins with a tea towel.

    • 1.2(drench)

      to be soaked (to the skin) estar empapado
      • Substances where this mold can be found include places where water has soaked wood.
      • As spray soaked the men on-board the sergeant bellowed orders.
      • He stood shivering as rain soaked his clothes, trying to protect his harp.
      • Running her hands threw her long black hair she let the water soak her back.
      • A small stream of warm red liquid flowed down my neck and hit my shirt, soaking a small patch of black cloth.
      • Gasping slightly he felt the water rapidly soak him through, chilling him to the bone; still he moved further into the waters.
      • The warm salty tears soaked her palms thoroughly, making them damp.
      • Cat twirled around as the warm rain pounded down on her, soaking her uniform-dress and hair.
      • The rain poured down relentlessly, soaking her to the skin within minutes of its beginning.
      • Instead of sleeping, though, I cried silently, my tears soaking the pillow.
      • Once the weather had died down, I found to my horror that I had about 100 kg of sea water soaking my rations.
      • I buried my face in his chest, allowing my tears to soak his shirt, leaving tell tale damp spots where my eyes had pressed.
      • Roof and mechanical system leaks can allow water to soak interior surfaces.
      • She took another shuddering breath as she placed her head under the running water and allowed it to soak her hair.
      • The liquid quickly soaked his grey socks and he stepped out of the fuming puddle in no time, fumbling to take off the wet articles of clothing.
      • Water came spraying out and soaked his t-shirt quite thoroughly.
      • I heard the shattering but not before I felt the hot liquid soaking my worm pajama pants and burning my skin.
      • I gasp loudly as the cold liquid soaks my face and my chest.
      • She could feel a stinging liquid dribbling down her shoulder and soaking her shirt; her wound had reopened in her frantic flight.
      • I held it over his head and wrung it out; the water soaked his sheets, his hair and his shirt.

  • 2informal

    (charge heavily)
    clavar informal
    desplumar informal
    • Likewise, their prescription-drug plan is limited to seniors, and even then it soaks the taxpayers while allowing the drug makers to keep charging rip-off prices.

intransitive verb

  • 1

    (lie in liquid)
    the sheets will have to soak va a haber que dejar las sábanas en / a remojo
    • to leave sth to soak dejar algo en / a remojo
    • I like to soak in a hot bath me gusta darme un buen baño caliente
  • 2

    to soak into/through sth calar algo
    • water had soaked through my shoes el agua me había calado los zapatos
    • wipe it up before it soaks in límpialo antes de que se absorba


  • 1

    (in liquid)
    to give sth a soak poner algo en / a remojo
    • the lawn needs a good soak el césped necesita un buen remojón
    • to be in soak estar en / a remojo
  • 2informal

    borrachín masculine informal
    borrachina feminine informal