Translation of soap in Spanish:


jabón, n.

Pronunciation /soʊp//səʊp/


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    jabón masculine
    liquid soap jabón líquido
    • a box of soaps una caja de jabones / de pastillas de jabón
    • no soap
    • we tried to persuade her, but it was no soap tratamos de convencerla, pero no hubo forma
    • Rescue workers first clean oil off the birds with warm water and mild soap.
    • He finally reached me and sat down beside me on the bleacher and I could smell the clean scent of soap on him.
    • She rinsed the soap off her hand, and we left the bathroom, laughing.
    • Clean the tools with soap and water and throw away all the scrap wallpaper.
    • There was warm water in the tub with a bar of soap next to it along with a towel and cloth.
    • Outside the kitchen there were a few bins of water with soap and a drying towel.
    • I would lather soap and water onto my face every morning and night.
    • I grinned to myself as I rinsed the soap out of my hair.
    • I need to find medicine and bandages, soap and disinfectants to clean my wounds.
    • She pressed her lips together and began cleaning herself with the bar of soap.
    • This can make the stone porous and allow it to absorb chemicals, including common substances like soap and perfume.
    • When you're ready to make the jam, rinse and clean your jars with soap and water and a sponge.
    • Next, apply a liquid or clean bar of soap and rub your hands together vigorously.
    • The mineral content is so great that one can barely lather soap.
    • Wet your hands with warm, running water and apply liquid or clean bar soap.
    • The other half of the stores sell scented soap, beaded scarves, or ugly plastic shoes.
    • Wash gently with cool or lukewarm water, using a mild antibacterial soap.
    • My mom's getting on my case to buy some laundry soap.
    • The paint is baked on for durability and these benches can easily be cleaned with soap and water.
    • A plentiful supply of soap, clean towels and nail brushes should be available.
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transitive verb

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    to soap one's hands/face enjabonarse / jabonarse las manos/la cara