Translation of soap opera in Spanish:

soap opera

telenovela, n.


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    Television telenovela feminine
    Television culebrón masculine
    Radio radionovela feminine
    Radio comedia feminine Latin America
    • Not so long ago I wrote about a fantastically fresh and exciting band that shared their name with an Australian soap opera.
    • She found time to produce a weekly radio soap opera with a health promotion twist.
    • It's more like a soap opera without a script, blurring the line between what is real and what is manufactured for the cameras.
    • Have you ever seen a soap opera and been able to see the people acting?
    • Achieving a great fluidity and economy, the film covers a good deal of ground in a short time without seeming too much like a soap opera.
    • In the soap opera, viewers were left to speculate about who was responsible for the vitriolic letters.
    • He has appeared in a soap opera, in TV films, and on the top Saturday evening quiz show.
    • The story is not original to this production, it is taken from a foreign soap opera.
    • So began the theme music to the worst soap opera in the history of television.
    • If there's anything more catchy than a soap opera or a movie, it is a cartoon film.
    • It was an early episode in a story that has been compared to a soap opera - a saga of love, infidelity and betrayal in high places.
    • You can become a star, a luminary of our time, simply by appearing in a soap opera.
    • I was watching a soap opera when Ryan came in, still in his apron and sat down on the couch next to me.
    • They will take to the stage for a live rendition of their new radio soap opera.
    • My second question is about whether a soap opera can really affect social mores.
    • Chances are he or she will be settled down in front of the TV for a daily fix of an Indian soap opera.
    • But it is as pointless to complain about this as it would be to complain that one episode of a soap opera is similar to another.
    • If I was a character in a soap opera or a bad romantic novel, I would immediately have assumed he was having an affair.
    • Angel hadn't realized that a person could sound so dismal outside of a soap opera.
    • People sit and watch that documentary, which is real-life stuff, not a soap opera.

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    • Nombre humorístico del culebrón o telenovela. Su nombre se debe al hecho de que las primeras soap operas (óperas de jabón) emitidas por radio en EEUU eran financiadas por compañías de jabón.